Monday, April 9th, 2012

The Rich Are Different

"A Tory donor avoided tax by flying outside UK airspace on his private jet at night, a lobbyist has claimed. The millionaire donor is said to have routinely flown out of Luton airport in the evening so he could sleep on his jet. Because he was outside British jurisdiction at night, this allowed him to extend the number of days he could stay in the UK without paying tax."

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LondonLee (#922)

Where's my pitchfork?

Mr. B (#10,093)

Heh, who else had to pop some downers while reading that New Yorker piece from a few weeks ago about how ultrarich people have assistants to keep track of how many days they spend in the city in order to dodge the local income tax?

nofunnybusiness (#10,151)

@Mr. B Ah! You beat me to it!

nofunnybusiness (#10,151)

A _New Yorker_ article from March on wealthy New Yorkers covered similar territory. Julian Robertson has an assistant who tracks his every move to ensure he spends no more than the maximum number of days allowed in the city before one is considered a resident and must pay taxes.
(Apologies for not just linking; I don't know how.)

BadUncle (#153)

On the one hand, this infuriates me that someone would increase his carbon footprint by wasting all that jet fuel, rather than sailing our every night on a 250-foot Trimaran. On the other hand, luxury zeplins, your time has come. Again.


I pretty much get the same effect from spending every night unemployed. Every day, too.

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