Piling on the Hate for LaGuardia

We have spent a lot of time talking about New York City’s airports (down to our obsession with how to get to JFK from Williamsburg). Our experts’ surprising summation here was that LaGuardia was secretly the most pleasing airport in New York: “You know what the problems are, but it’s quiet in the evenings, has a cool mural and is still the easiest to reach, all other things being equal. Ultimately, the approach up the East River, with Manhattan out the left side window, is one of the most beautiful in the world, every time.” Yeah sure, while that is true, I also particularly like the 50% of LaGuardia landing flight paths with a 45-degree last-minute port-side turn that causes the person behind you to scream. I particularly despise going to LaGuardia, and generally refuse: it’s like waiting for a shuttle at the side of the road in Latvia. So here we are with the Travel and Leisure American airport rankings, sigh, where LaGuardia is ranked the very worst airport in the US of A. Yeah, let’s be honest, it just sucks. And JFK and Newark took fourth- and fifth-worst, but that’s crazy, don’t be talking smack about my JFK. That ranking is only so low because 1. frequency of use creates enmity and 2. Travel and Leisure is read by people who are too wealthy to have done the LIRR to AirTrain magic.