Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Introducing… The Billfold

Do you like money? Do you wish you knew more about it? Have you spent the last few years nursing an inchoate desire for some sort of website that would help you learn more about money without being stuffy and dry? Yes you have! And here's the good news: Such a site now exists! Please welcome The Billfold, the newest member of The Awl family. Brought to you by Awl pals Mike Dang and Logan Sachon, The Billfold "aims to do away with the misbelief that talking about difficult money issues is uncomfortable, and create a space to have an honest conversation about how we save, spend and repay our debts. We are going to break one of the last taboos in our culture — talking about what you earn, what you spend, what you owe." Learn more here!

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My old money website THE OVERSTUFFED WALLET was misaligning my spinebones

Will there be wacky anecdotes from Mike Dang's work experience? Because that's all I really want in life.

deepomega (#1,720)

My dirty capitalist heart grew a turgid three sizes today.

@deepomega That's called cardiomegaly and you should see a doctor.

deepomega (#1,720)

@sorry your heinous But who can afford a doctor!

@deepomega See if you can find a medical drama filming near you.

@deepomega: You'll have to wait for the Awl medical site: The Trephinator.

jfruh (#713)


deepomega (#1,720)

Seriously though this is the best. Tell them to get their twitter feed in order so I can follow along from work.

jfruh (#713)

@deepomega Ugh, we didn't invent RSS so you youngs could whine publicly about BROKEN TWITTER FEEDS

melis (#1,854)

Yes we did. That's exactly why we invented it. You haven't even read the mission statement, have you?

Myles Tanzer (#13,698)

Teach me how to be an adult please.

Yay! (And although this comment was already made when The Wirecutter launched, how much longer can Splitsider hold out against this onslaught of the definite article?)

Can somebody spot me something? I don't want to miss out.

mathnet (#27)

I like this idea very much! Although, a new venture with "fold" in the title?

riotnrrd (#840)

Yeah, what happened to the "stabby things" motif? Maybe The Desk Spike? Or the Vampire Squid Blood Funnel?

Brunhilde (#1,225)

@riotnrrd Is "Desk Spike" a technical term?

riotnrrd (#840)

@Brunhilde Yes! It's one of those weighted spikes people used to have on their desks, where you would put finished paperwork, receipts, and such. They are also a great way to accidentally stab your hand.

Brunhilde (#1,225)

@riotnrrd Oh, I knew what you were talking about, I even have one! I just figured there was an office-ey official term for it. I call mine my "office skewer".

Mr. B (#10,093)

I'm still waiting for the Awl Network sports blog, The Beanbag Chair.

keisertroll (#1,117)

@Mr. B The Bawl.

crimsongirl (#231,340)

Do all your people live in Brooklyn?

roboloki (#1,724)

@crimsongirl who are you calling "your people"?

crimsongirl (#231,340)

@robololi People who write for The Awl and related publications. Actually I know an occasional contributor to Splitsider here in Austin, TX (another town with hipsters). It just seems that people in Williamsburg would have a different view of money than those of us in middle America. Salaries and rents are so high in New York. People don't shop at supermarkets (which are cheap) and instead shop at small family markets (which are expensive.) That kind of thing.

melis (#1,854)

"Thank you for stopping in at The Awl, a New York City-based web concern established in early 2009.

The Awl intends to encourage a daily discussion of the issues of the day—news, politics, culture (and TV!)—during sensible hours of the working week…

In the end, however, we return most frequently to New York City and its self-centered, all-consuming industries: media and publishing, finance and real estate, politics and capitalism and gamesmanship."

melis (#1,854)

I'd have embedded a link to the "About" page, but even to me that seemed needlessly condescending. Glad I could help answer your question!

melis (#1,854)

I would like to see more gamesmanship-based content, though.

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