Monday, April 16th, 2012

Ian MacKaye Is 50, For Real

Record executive Ian Thomas Garner MacKaye is 50. Seriously. I know, I don't believe it either! Good lord.


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mushr00m (#5,504)

Does this make Waiting Room a Golden Oldie?

Multiphasic (#411)

He's going to start balding any day now.

Matt (#26)

Hopefully he won't try to cover it up with a range of ugly hats.

Iok Sotot (#212,240)

@Multiphasic Heh, does he regret the "facial" album cover, I wonder?

hman (#53)

I bet he gets totally wasted tonight.

skahammer (#587)

And he's been famous for, what, two-thirds of his life?

Matt Cornell (#8,797)

Guilty of being white. And he's only served 50 years of his time.

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