Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Also It's A Terrible Movie

The thing about Titanic is Rose sucks.

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C_Webb (#855)

All I can say is I plan to use the expression "that's the iceberg on the cake" as soon as possible.

barnhouse (#1,326)

Haha my favorite bit was that she had a study of "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" in her stateroom! Hee.

p.s. that review is AWESOME and correct.

melis (#1,854)

I will gladly concede every point of that article but puppy fat ahhhhhh

@melis Word. Some of us consider that part of the whole "untouchably beautiful" thing.

Also: "It is difficult to see why this brat would have a brace of eligible bachelors risking their lives repeatedly for her"

Yo, have you seen Kate Winslet? Or even heard her speak?

deepomega (#1,720)


DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

When I was younger and cared, I would rail on about the Oscars' irrelevance by digging up lists of Best Pictures and picking out all the ones no one even recognized. Now I realize I should have just shouted "TITANIC" and let time and perspective win the argument for me. Alas, at the time I was convinced I was the weird one for thinking it was dumb.

But most of all what sort of maniac would choose Leonardo "Puppy Fat" diCaprio over Billy Zane?

@My Number Is My Address Because that godawful pseudoIrish accent and the unbuttoned shirt just screams hot steamy Irish sex.

@SarahHeartburn The only thing hot and steamy about the Irish is their resemblance to some dumplings.

LondonLee (#922)

@My Number Is My Address My thoughts exactly, Leo just looked like a boy, and he was a shitty artist.

City_Dater (#2,500)

@My Number Is My Address

More importantly, it was a BIG ship! Are we sure those two were the only choices?! Ugh.

@My Number Is My Address Sarcasm much?

@SarahHeartburn Oh I know! I just really wanted to use that dumpling line.

oldtaku (#9,009)

But now you can see her in 3D!

Mr. B (#10,093)

if my english was better i would get into detail, but when i'm angry i tend2make even more spelling, grammar+other mistakes+iget ever more insulting+i do not want2do this, only question i've got left: this masterpiece was written by a man or a woman? (my guess… no i won't tell, but any healthy male knows that men are capable of the absurdest stupidities when they have set their eyes at [or=it "on"] the object of their desires)

Hear, hear.

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