Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Watch Vegas Grow

The bigification of Las Vegas: "NASA created this unique time-lapse video using photographs captured by Landsat satellites."


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keisertroll (#1,117)

One unseen consequence: less desert to bury your enemies.

deepomega (#1,720)

Landsat is one of my most favorite things. I had to play with data images from it in my nerd high school and did all sorts of shit about like calculating deforestation or whatever. (I also made a map of where to live in Michigan if you didn't want to die in a nuclear apocalypse.)

BadUncle (#153)

@deepomega I'm impressed that it doesn't go off-registration.

Conal Darcy@twitter (#197,399)

Why does no one build up anymore?

And notice how the sprawl stalls around 2007. Hmm…

BadUncle (#153)

When my uncle first lived in Vegas in 50s and 60s, Wayne Newton's ranch was 20 minutes outside of town, in the distant suburb of Henderson. Now, Vegas has swallowed up Henderson and keeps on going for another 10 or 20 miles. Hilariously, though, the Newt's ranch is still there, surrounded by a 10-foot-high concreted wall.

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