Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Tooth Market Collapses

"[T]he average gift from the Tooth Fairy in the past year was $2.10, down 42 cents from the previous year."


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4 out of 5 children agree: Fuck Wall Street.

Is there a liver fairy?

Brian (#115)

$2.10! I got a QUARTER. And only for the first two or three. I turned out fine though.

koko (#11,361)

@Brian I'm with ya! I got a quarter for the first tooth, and a nickel for the rest (when the tooth fairy remembered to come, that is!) Sigh. I am an old.

jfruh (#713)

But I bought only the highest-rated tranches of those synthetic tooth-backed securities Goldman cooked up, so I should be OK, right?

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