Friday, February 24th, 2012

Spring It On

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Amy Jean Porter is an artist who likes to draw. She'd like to report it snowed last night.

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Annie K. (#3,563)

I just yelled at my daffodils too. Don't they KNOW? I thought they knew. Lovely post, young and springy.

spoondisaster (#189,637)

I've been lovingly whispering to the daffodils "go back, it's not your time yet, just a little while longer" and then coming back to say "but, oh, you can stay if you really want, you're just so beautiful." It hurts to think of them getting cold when the temperature inevitably drops once again. I, also, would like to report that it snowed on Sunday and was in the high 70s yesterday (and today!).

liznieve (#7,691)

@spoondisaster I have been doing the same with my boyfriend's building's courtyard daffodils. I am tempted, if the forecast is truly dire, to go out and cover them with some burlap if we get a hard frost again. They may not be *my* daffodils, but dammit, they're not going to die on my watch.

Natalie Eve (#220,434)

You are my favorite Amy Jean.

Natalie Eve (#220,434)

@Natalie Eve Also, you are my favorite, Amy Jean. (But you knew that already.)

Dave Bry (#422)

"Don't call it a comeback/I've been here for 30,000 years…"

(I'm actually a little bit more excited to see the return of "Drawings in a Hurry!")

Smitros (#5,315)

This feature never fails to delight and surprise. How does she do it?

Natalie Eve (#220,434)

@Smitros I know! My sentiments exactly.

Agreed. Amazing every time.

caddie (#189,150)


LOVE it :-)

karira4pel (#221,060)


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