Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

David Bowie's Lost "Jean Genie"

Here ya go: "A David Bowie television performance that no one has seen in three decades, and that Americans have never seen at all, hit the web today. As the story goes, Bowie as his red-haired Aladdin Sane persona visited U.K.'s long-running music program Top of the Pops on January 3, 1973 to showcase his then-new single 'Jean Genie.' The performance aired only once, and the tapes from that TOTP episode were placed in the BBC vaults… where they were ultimately erased so the network could reuse the tapes, the BBC admits. It was believed that this "Jean Genie" was lost forever, but recently, a cameraman named John Henshall revealed that he made a an additional copy of the performance for himself." Don't focus on the fact that this is nearly 40 years old, focus on the fact that it's actually quite good. Who knows how long it's going to stick around? You're advised to watch it soon.

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LondonLee (#922)

Bloody marvelous.

The cheap psychedelic colour effects the BBC used on TOTP back then always made my Grandad joke "Telly's on the blink again!" whenever we made him sit through the show on Xmas Day.

C_Webb (#855)

The clothes may be Aladdin Sane; the hair looks a little Shawn Colvin.

CB in NOLA (#13,836)

I've watched a bunch of those BBC4 documentaries on prog and metal and they always say that the crowds were full of men. I always wondered what the women were listening too. Seeing those crowd faces (especially that gorgeous black girl with the huge smile), I think I know now.

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