Thursday, December 15th, 2011

A New Musical Performed By Bears

What are YOU doing January 17th? I'll be at Joe's Pub for GRIZZLY ADAMS:A true story of bears, brawn, and brain injuries, a "concert/staged reading/awesome performance of a new musical performed by bears." The show is "about the legendary mountain man and bear tamer Grizzly Adams, tracing his path to stardom from a dirty basement in San Francisco to the streets of the Lower East Side, where he found near-gainful employment with PT Barnum before dying from head injuries sustained in service to his art," which is pretty much all I need to hear. Plus, the score is by Corn Mo. Corn Mo! I am so there.

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jfruh (#713)

Corn Mo is indeed the man! CORN MO!

jaimealyse (#647)

Also Nick Jones wrote it! Nick Jones is the best. His pirate puppet rock musical was one of the best pieces of theatre I have ever seen, no joke! I am an official licensed theatre professional.

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