Monday, November 14th, 2011

The Occupy Oakland Wedding

These two just got married on the Occupy Oakland livestream. Near as I could tell, the lady spouse's name was Amanda Hug-A-Chicken or something??? Anyway looks like Occupy Oakland is getting dismantled right now by the cops, behind the young lovers. Fortunately the bride and groom wore helmets. Aww!

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C_Webb (#855)

So we should send a gravy boat? Or maybe something in Kevlar?

Is anybody protesting the Billy Crystal Oscar thing? Because, come on, isn't the nation hurting enough.

GailPink (#9,712)

Wasn't there an OWS wedding here in NY as well?

Send tents, food, peace, love or anything else you would like to help us with. I am so honored that this is the first wedding I have ever officiated. The couple works and lives with me at Occupy Oakland, and all they want is to heal our home. They were discussing desirable wedding gifts right after, since they didn't have time to register anywhere. They only want donations for the camp. It would be nice if someone brings some epic food and sparkling apple cider to their reception. Today, at 4pm at the Oakland Library (if the cops still have Oscar Grant Plaza closed).

Kevlar isn't a bad idea either.

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