Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Bear Goes To The Grocery

Awww, this baby bear just wants to eat some vegetables! Why won't they let him eat his vegetables?

And in bonus bear footage, here are five bears who have treed themselves in Montana.

Get down safely, bears! And stop rubbernecking, Montanans!


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Mike Dang@twitter (#42,746)

I can't believe he grabbed that teddy with his "bear" hands.

@Mike Dang@twitter: It was quite a manly grab!

DMcK (#5,027)

@Mike Dang@twitter Yeah, that bear was just chillin'.

nbumpercar (#114,331)

@Mike Dang@twitter I was wondering if they were still going to be able to sell those fruits and vegetables … I mean – he barely touched it – right?!

GailPink (#9,712)

How did the bear get into the vegetable display, is what I wonder?

nbumpercar (#114,331)

Why wouldn't anyone help him find the pic-i-nic baskets? I'm sure that was all that he was there for … Although – I suppose that he could have had honey pots on his list as well.

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