Friday, September 30th, 2011

Julian Assange's 'Autobiography' is Just 50 Hours of Interviews

Despite acres of publicity and buckets of scandal, Julian Assange's unauthorised autobiography sold just 644 copies last week.

Created with Assange's cooperation (according to its publisher Canongate the Wikileaks founder spent more than 50 hours being interviewed for it) but published against his wishes, the book went on sale last Thursday amid widespread coverage and serialisation in the Independent.

Wait. Did we "know" that Assange's "autobiography" was based on "more than" 50 WHOLE HOURS of interviews? I mean, gosh, that's 2.12 whole days! We probably did know that, but I guess maybe it was glossed a bit in the promotion? Fully ridiculous! Alice B. Toklas spent more time writing her autobiography. Also, sure doesn't leave him with much of a copyright claim against the book, does it now. This guy!

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barnhouse (#1,326)

Exactly. This guy!

Even though he started the ball rolling, which was a good thing.

Eventually though there will be a responsible method for submitting anonymous leaks online, I am sure. It is just taking a long time to figure out. Owing largely to the incredible antics of this guy!

jolie (#16)

Cripes, I spent more time than that crafting an explanation of how one should wash one's floors.

TrilbyLane (#1,318)

Those were the sales for three days, and for non-fiction in the UK they're not unusual or bad. Having a ghost writer for an autobiographer isn't exactly unusual either. Bear in mind that the Guardian is doing everything that it can to smear this book because of its own massive falling out with Assange.
I mean, he's a weird little scumball, but there is significant bias in this story.

Mr. B (#10,093)

"Hello Alice! How the hell are ya?"


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