Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Bonnie Prince Billy, "Quail And Dumplings"

The video for the first single from Bonnie Prince Billy's new album Wolfroy Goes to Town, which comes out in two weeks, is strikingly similar to the one for Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You," which we were pleasantly confused by yesterday. Billy's seems a little bit more in context, and has a super-terrific surprise ending, but what becomes most obvious with the benefit of watching them together is that these are two artists who who should collaborate on an R. Kelly cover. I hope they do "When a Woman's Fed Up."

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ep (#8,509)

Ocean's video may have intrigued an earlier generation, but no way will kids today have the patience to watch something this derivative before just jumping in with some curiously inscrutable and obliquely familiar comment.

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