Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Bears Are Rubbing All Up On Your Internet

"Barry Ramsay, who owns a small manufacturing company here between two mountains, remembers the day his Internet connection crashed for several hours. Work crews had to ride up in snowmobiles to discover the problem. 'They said that bears had been rubbing against the towers,' Mr. Ramsay said. In this mountainous state, where some connections depend on line of sight, even snow and fog can disrupt the signals. 'These are the kind of problems you probably don’t have in an urban area,' he said."

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Dan Packel (#10,421)

It's an urban problem too. While living in Mumbai, a herd of goats living on our roof to be fattened for slaughter for an upcoming feast day opted to treat themselves to the cable that connected our internet.

JeffBarea (#69,533)

@Dan Packel I agree, my pledge brothers and I let a goat loose in our fraternity house as a prank. He just sat and shat for 2 days

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