Friday, August 26th, 2011

Beyonce, "1 + 1"

Here is the new video for Beyonce's great song, "1+1." It's pretty much the same video as the old video for Billy Idol's great song "Eyes Without a Face."

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johnpseudonym (#1,452)

God this song sucks balls. Don't trust anyone that glisten-y.

skywalker (#240,350)

This will be cool go for it I will use it. Thank You handbags


Beyonce is a cute lady. Perhaps she can sing a little bit. My entourage and I will give her credit for some eye-catching and skin-bearing performances. Actually we attribute her hard and dramatic performances as well as her nearby naked appearances to be the root of the hype that she has received over the years from people. When we think of Beyonce and the audience, we think of the average man who would love to be entertained by any woman who would have sex with them whenever wherever but dare to take such jezebels home to meet momma! The lustrous women are good for a roll in the hay until the sex becomes stale but they are never good enough to meet their precious parents, especially their moms. Same thing goes for Beyonce, when she is on stage shaking all of her naked skin and screaming like a bat out of hell while she jump around like a wild animal who has been caged and loosed accidentally, the audience loves the entertainment and get a thrill out of taking advantage of the opportunities; but when she becomes stale and dry as she is now, the audience is ready to move on. To be exact, the audience has moved on and now she wants to stoop lower than she has already to gain them back. Sorry Bey! Not this time! You are played out like the A-track! But Beyonce appears to be like jezebels, she looks elsewhere for attention because of the insecurity and search for happiness through people, places, or things who are not constants by any means. Which brings me to the pathetic song and video 1+1=2. Well she is wrong! She knows nothing about Algebra and probably little about addition, considering she thinks 1+1 is 2 and it's somebody and she; "…that's all we have when the world is through." Really!!! The world will be when she is through. It is possible that the somebody may be here when she is through. Tomorrow is promise to no one. If we did not know any better we would think that Beyonce made the world but of course we are not suffering from a pea brain like…well you know the rest of the line…uhhhhh….Beyonce! Well, she is right that 1+1=2 but she probably does not know it is a constant unlike the somebody and she. Yeah! We said it! Beyonce and JayZ or whoever are not constants! How ignorant! Of course all of us are ignorant to something so we hope that she will grow intellectually one day and be the original God made her to be. So we grant Beyonce a grace card for her ignorance but we refuse to grant her one for her stupidity. To be a woman who has a popular platform, how dare she highlight guns, the parallel of wars and making love, and fighting in the context portrayed; not to mention all of the ridiculous lyrics. "Hey, I don't know much about guns, but I, I've been shot by you, Hey, and I don't know when I'm gonna die but I hope,
That I'm gonna die by you! And I don't know much about fighting, but I, I know I will fight for you,…" PLEASE!!! And to think that some people see Beyonce as the perfect role model for women! PLEASE!!! Not to our mothers! Maybe to the women who are lost (feel sorry for these women) but not to women of good moral and values. We asked ourselves, what was she thinking? Of course there were some thoughts such as maybe she is trying to take the attention off blossoming stars such as Kelly Rowland (so beautiful, sexy, humble, and respectful) or maybe she is trying to please her significant other or maybe she is sick or maybe she is lost. Who knows! We hope that her mother pulls her to the side and check her because it is degrading to do anything for attention, money, fame, popularity, or whatever. What is the difference between Beyonce and a prostitute?! Have some class Beyonce! But then since when does Beyonce know anything about class considering she is a …. PLEASE!!! Seems like Beyonce just messed the lyrics out of her butt. I guess whenever she is low, the answer is to make love and don't let go or whenever there is war the answer is to be healed by love through making love and helping her to let down her guard. What a bunch of crap! Beyonce never fooled us. We saw straight through her near the beginning of her ground-breaking moment of her career. Sure, she captured our attention with her thrilling "Uh-Oh" but we begin to realize that she was manipulating the audience by showing lots of skin, wearing shimmering glitter, make-up, revealing clothing, big hair of weaves or whatever, screaming songs, sexual moves; not to mention how similar her lyrics and tunes were to previous artists' works as well as her similar clothing line to other creators. We started to ask questions like how much of Beyonce is truly herself and it appeared to us that very little of the brand or image she has portrayed seemed to be truly herself. Research her for yourself! Check out her songs, clothing and perfume line, and everything about her and research similar producers, artists, creators, designers before her time; the "A-HA" moment will scream so loud you may go into a shock attack. We are very disappointed with Beyonce. We can tell her true lyrics in her songs and words she has gotten from other people's lyrics. Big difference! So ignorant!!! But we realize that many people have discovered the truth about Beyonce but are afraid to speak out. They are probably scared to be jumped by her hubby and thugging. We understand that Beyonce probably feel angry that many people of different races have stolen music from the African descent for some time, which may have triggered the need to repay them with the same tactics but PLEASE!!! Live in the multicultural world Beyonce – get over it! It is not cute at all. Wake up people! Smell the real Beyonce! It ain't pretty at all. She stinks!!! As I said earlier, she is cute but so are many women of the world. She is a performer but so are many women of the world. She doesn't have the best voice, actually she is not close at all to having the best voice. What sold Beyonce the most is her exposing her body. How cheap!!! Your body is your temple and it is shameful how she abuses her body for material worth that will exist when she as well as all of us no longer exist. Being a slave for the dollar is not cute!Stupid!!! What will her child think? God bless the child! I hope that they band the video and song. We would not want our children to see. Beyonce is not a good model for women and girls. Beyonce and Jayz are not a good model for married couples. I hope that they are guided by Jesus Christ to raise their baby. Let us begin to promote good role models and stop hyping nonsense!!! 1+1=2 by Beyonce is an insult to all of the work that has been done before her time to promote love, joy, and peace. She is definitely not a replicate of love. She would do anything to gain attention like jumping across the stage knowing she is pregnant. What a bad example to set. Yeah, pregnant women need to be mobile but not foolish. She was totally foolish on the stage. I hope she gain some sense to raise the baby morally. Beyonce has managed to get over so it is time for her to move on and stop being selfish. WE ARE TIRED OF THE ROLL IN THE HAY WITH BEYONCE! SO STALE! NASTY FUNKY!!! WE ARE LOOKING FOR THE WOMEN WHO KNOW ADDITION, ALGEBRA, AND MATH IN GENERAL!!!

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