Thursday, July 28th, 2011

What The Future Looked Like In 1995

There are many things about this 1995 MTV News clip about "the Internet" that show how much things have changed in a relatively brief period of time, but I think perhaps the most significant is that MTV figured people would sit through at least four minutes of footage about a single topic. God, things were different then. [Via]

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deepomega (#1,720)

"Greg's Nipple Server" – I guess we know STC's real name now?

saythatscool (#101)

@deepomega One of my nipples is a different color from the other two. Is this normal?

deepomega (#1,720)

@saythatscool The only way to find out is to point a webcam at it, and send the link to everyone you know on the internet.

becky@twitter (#14,213)

@saythatscool i think prodigy might have a chat room for that.

thomas_ (#11,923)


That Foo Fighters clip is the closest MTV has been to showing actual music in 20 years.

seentwagg (#8,810)

ah yes, the LEGENDARY Godzilla site…

hypnosifl (#9,470)

wow, in 1995 Moby had a full head of (bleached) hair!

Also, glad to see that even in 1995 people had already hit on the idea of using the internet for stupid meaningless humor, like a site devoted to a rotating R2-D2

heroofthebeach (#2,280)

@hypnosifl Billy Corgan, too. It was a simpler time.

jolie (#16)

LOL to the LOL @ "cyber journalist"

becky@twitter (#14,213)

"at least one republican is appalled."

HiredGoons (#603)

I'm blinking with fists.

Yeah, If I were running newsroom — even a fake MTV newsroom — I'd go straight to Ozzy Osbourne to explain something. Fer realizes

jolie (#16)

@RonMwangaguhunga LKASHFLKSHF OMG RON! YOU ARE HERE! Can we talk about the old Paper Mag boards that had black backgrounds with neon blue and green text and that your avatar makes me think of always (but, like, in a good way!) This would have been in like, 1999/2000/2001? Umm the only one I remember is "Art Attack!" which also LOL to the LOL @ "Art Attack!" (I miss the old internet sometimes.)

@jolie I do too. Those old Papermag boards had that galactic background …

keisertroll (#1,117)

Around this time (shortly after the OKC bombing) I kept telling people I knew how to make bombs. If anyone actually asked me how, my sincere answer would have been "the internet".

keisertroll (#1,117)

Also, people took Comic Sans seriously. Talk about burying the lead.

erikonymous (#3,231)

Bowie was not entirely wrong?

Things that have not changed since 1995 : Billy Corgan still kind of a dick.

HiredGoons (#603)

@Gef the Talking Mongoose: kind of?

Legs Battaglia (#2,484)

wait, the "internet" is not coterminous with the "world wide web"?

alicegroznyi (#10,780)

@Legs Battaglia i HATE the world wide web, but love the internet.

NFK (#8,747)

Forget Netscape and the World Wide Web, take me back to UNIX shells, IRC, and Telnet, with ELM thrown in to read the mail.

Fuck, I'm getting old.

Yessss – The Internet is a big deal technological fad reasonably comparable to the CB Radio.

Comment from 2027 looking back on 2011 future reel: "Hey look, it's fat cigarette smoking Balk with a drink. Unbelievable!"

lbf (#2,343)

Late to this party, but hearing Elastica in there makes me LOVE THE PAST LIKE OMG. Plus, "connection" = punny!

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