Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

The Text of the "DSK Maid" Defamation Filing

Here's the complaint that the Sofitel chambermaid filed against the New York Post today. It's very short, and it only elaborates the Post's statements; it makes no mention of the paper's reporting or its attempts to verify facts, so they're not bothering to make claims of reckless disregard, going straight with defamation per se, which is… one way to do this. Hmm. Still I would say the defense is going to have an extremely hard time defending their assertion that her union assigned her to the hotel because she'd bring in the best hooker money there! Man! (via)

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Aloysius (#1,808)

Calling it defamation "per se" means that it falls in a category of defamation that doesn't require specific proof of damages (e.g. she doesn't have to prove she lost her job because of the statement). Falsely alleging sexual misconduct is defamation per se. But you still have to prove the allegation was reckless or willful.

Renee Dumas (#7,992)

Choire, do we really need another media assault on the beleaguered secret hookers' unions?

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