Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Three New Morrissey Tracks

Morrissey's last album, 2009's "Years of Refusal," was so much better than it had to be—with at least three tracks that were actually terrific, A+ Morrissey material, and at least three more that were solidly really good. So the advance from his new album (which does not yet have a label??) is disappointing—he played three songs live on BBC Radio 2 last night and they were not so enjoyable! (Despite each of them having pretty terrific Morrissey titles.) Above is "The Kid's a Looker," the one I like best. Perhaps these songs will be formulated, in their final versions, into wonderfulness?

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LondonLee (#922)

Around the time of 'Kill Uncle' Elvis Costello said that Morrissey's songs titles were better than the actual songs.

Flaneur (#998)

@LondonLee Sometimes true, but the songs often live up to their names. As for these, I'm not as disappointed as Choire, but I'm not wowed. He seemed in somewhat poor voice on the la-la-las in "The Kid's a Looker"–I have to think the studio version turned out better. Anyway, I hope he gets distribution soon.

Charles Bogle (#8,706)

I agree. The only worthwhile song is the one posted above. But who knows if these songs would even make the new album? They definitely sound like B-sides to me.

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