Friday, June 24th, 2011

Peter Falk, 1927-2011

Actor Peter Falk has died. He is, of course, best known for his role as Detective Columbo, but I particularly enjoyed his two collaborations with Alan Arkin, The In-Laws and the flawed but still funny Big Trouble, from which the clip above comes. Falk was 83.

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saythatscool (#101)

Jesus fuckin’ Christ! This fuckin’ state. Who the fuck does this fuckin’ warden… fuckin’ think he is? Doesn’t anybody know how to do business in this fuckin’ state? My fuckin’ wife and her fuckin’ asthma and allergies. We had to move to the fuckin’ desert. Goddamn fuckin’ chickenshit doctors… I should’ve known better than listen to those shitheels. Fuckin’ Palm Springs…Lay there in the fuckin’ sun and do nothin’. Then this fuckin’ state grabs my ass for taxes. Why the fuck I didn’t stay in fuckin’ Florida… where people know how to do fuckin’ business. Fuckin’ wife and her fuckin’ asthma. Shit!

Ganya (#5,212)

And from The In-Laws, having worked himself up to a position where he can make top-level phone calls to top-level businessmen:

(The internet doesn't seem to have the spectacular Big Trouble scene that occurs — I think — in a drugstore.)

saythatscool (#101)

@Ganya Beaks? Flies with beaks?

@saythatscool …You can imagine the pathetic quality…

HereKitty (#2,713)

The Princess Bride!

"As you wish."

Bittersweet (#765)

@HereKitty: Wings of Desire.

whizz_dumb (#10,650)

@HereKitty Not another kissing part (or something like that)

HereKitty (#2,713)

@whizzard They're kissing again. Do we have to hear the kissing part?

Someday you may not mind so much.

Tulletilsynet (#333)

I wish I could talk to you, because I'm a friend.

Tulletilsynet (#333)

I can't see you, but I know you're there.

En Vague (#82)

Oh, just one more thing…

SeanP (#4,058)


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