Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

New Video: Gun-Waving Cops Gone Wild in Miami Beach

In the saga of the Miami Beach cop shoot-out fiesta that took place on Memorial Day, during one of the country's biggest African-America party weekends, at which cops shot a driver they said had a gun, injuring bystanders and arresting witnesses: here is an eyewitness videotape that is really wild! I would describe the incidents in the last third of this tape as incredibly bad, what with the cops pointing guns and screaming at innocent eyewitnesses, and "incredibly bad" is really saying something, as the video begins with a full-on barrage of gunfire.

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max bread (#5,970)

The guy who shot this says the cops smashed his cell phone, and the only reason he still has the video is because he hid the memory card in his mouth while he was being interviewed.

applesold (#13,638)

Wow thats intense.

Lockheed Ventura (#5,536)

It is always the ones in the shorts who are the worst. You can't dress a grown ass man in tight polyester shorts and bike helmet and expect him to act like anything other than a petulant 5 year old. Then you give a gun, well what else did you expect?

Sutton (#1,490)

In Miami Beach they put them in really short, tight shorts, too. Also, you know you are in a bad spot when you are between two cops who are so tunnel-visioned and freaked out that they are essentially pointing their guns at each other.

zidaane (#373)

@Sutton The trend of bicycle cops getting really 'bad ass' calf tattoos is disturbing. Note to bike cops- you are not biking in the Korengal Valley, it's a park. Lighten up.

Sabin Hinton (#8,850)

The appropriate response to this, aside from the poor dead guy, for whom there can be no fair response, is to seek redress with the feds, and no longer take your custom to a place that polices its customers. The dogs would not have come growling if the power wielders hadn't loosened their leashes.

gregorg (#30)

Can this incident be reperformed during Art Basel? I'm sure it would be highly engaging.

zidaane (#373)

It's illegal to photograph a cop in Chicago. Luckily we have the best cops ever and they have never beat up, tortured or shot anyone.

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