Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Have A Drink Of Bourbon, It's Bourbon Day

If you believe Wikipedia, on this day in 1789 the Rev. Elijah Craig first produced "whiskey distilled from maize… It is named Bourbon because Rev Craig lived in Bourbon County, Kentucky." There are a couple of historical flaws with that proposition, but I will be damned if I'm going to get nitpicky on a subject of this magnitude. No, what I'm going to get is drunk. Drunk on bourbon! Happy Bourbon Day, one and all. If you were planning on getting me a gift, nothing says "Bourbon Day" like bourbon.

Photo by Seth Anderson, from Flickr.


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HiredGoons (#603)

Proposals for a Bourbon flag, anyone?

Also: I'm amazed Choire allowed a hipstamatic photo on this site – or doesn't he know yet?

Matt (#26)

Brian Van will see everyone in his office now.

Got another non-rejection rejection for a short story (seriously people, is it really that hard to send a mass email in 72pt font that says "REJECTED :(" instead of posting those who will be published on your website?) ANYWAY, Bourbon Day will help me get through that requisite 24-hour period of "maybe I'm a shit writer?"

MOVING ON, thank you The Awl for letting me write my questionable comments.

Matt (#26)

Miles Klee will see you in his office now.

Woodford it have killed you to use a better picture?

boyofdestiny (#1,243)

@Clarence Rosario It's Eagle Rare to find a decent pic of a bottle of bourbon these days.

@Clarence Rosario: It's as easy as, "Hey intern, find me pictures of liquor."

@boyofdestiny You Maker's a solid point.

whizz_dumb (#10,650)

@Clarence Rosario No need to Rebel Yell about it you Old Crow.

boyofdestiny (#1,243)

Nice work, whizzard. We were looking for more puns, and you Four Roses to the occasion.

@whizzard You've backed me into a Corner Creek.

MollyculeTheory (#4,519)

@Clarence Rosario They're getting difficult to Pappy Van Winkle out.

grandpa27 (#804)

@Clarence Rosario Beam me up Scotty i'm Bonded.

+1 for Bulleit bourbon, because it is the standard bourbon used to make a thing called a Revolver, thusly:

2 oz. Bulleit (or, really, any) bourbon
1/2 oz. Tia Maria
a couple dashes orange bitters
Ice, stir, strain into rocks glass w/maraschino cherry. I like mine with a dash or two more than the standard 2oz of bourbon, just to even out the Tia Maria and also BECAUSE IT'S WHISKEY, C'MON.

Hello, it's the afternoon.

iantenna (#5,160)

@Gef the Talking Mongoose i haven't read through the entire bourbon day handbook but i'm fairly certain the only mixer allowed is tears.

SeanP (#4,058)

@Gef the Talking Mongoose while the Revolver doesn't sound my thing, we can agree about the +1 for Bulleit, which is awesome.

@SeanP : Bulleit, no mixers, is a great drinking-and-smoking bourbon. Also, that old-timey bottle is just made to crack someone's head open with.

Smitros (#5,315)

In the words of poet R.S. Gwynn, "My bottle says he'll meet me after five." Could be time to lower the line in a fifth of Noah's Mill.

#56 (#56)

There is a cat on that bar. I see whiskers and two paws.

#56 (#56)

@#56 Frontier Whiskers

deepomega (#1,720)

@#56 Get off of there cat. You are not allowed to celebrate Bourbon Day you are a cat. You may celebrate catnip day later this month but until then get off of the bar.

Careful, looks like that glass is chipped.

SeanP (#4,058)

@Clarence Rosario and I didn't even think they sold Bulleit in the UK

@SeanP Actually I see it in more bars there than I did back in the America. Nobody ever buys it, though, and the staff never know what I'm talking about.

Lockheed Ventura (#5,536)

What are Awl Commentators' Bourbon recommendations? I confess that I am completely ignorant on the subject.

Bittersweet (#765)

@Lockheed Ventura: Blanton's for special occasions. Maker's Mark for every day.

boyofdestiny (#1,243)

@Bittersweet Maker's every day? Look at this aristocrat! Some people have to make due with a handle of Beam every other week.

iantenna (#5,160)

@Lockheed Ventura anything but jack daniels.

collier (#13,548)

@Bittersweet Oh god, Blanton's is spectacular. Woodford is a good backup.

@Lockheed Ventura I've been on a Rye kick for a while, but for Bourbon:

* Everyday: Bulleit, Four Roses, Woodford's, Maker's, Michter's
* Weekends: Old Van Winkle

Smitros (#5,315)

@Lockheed Ventura Woodford Reserve is our house bourbon. Some of the small-batch favorites like Knob Hill bite back a little too much for me.

iantenna (#5,160)

@Lockheed Ventura beam, while a bit sweet, is the best bourbon for your buck. on the lower end, old crow, and old forester are also decent. maker's and bulleit are solid mid-range choice, i like them a LOT more than knob creek. but my favorite bourbon landing around $25 per 750 ml is woodford reserve. if you wanna splurge i'm at the tail-end of a gifted bottle of maker's 46 and can confirm it is a damn fine bourbon.

@Lockheed Ventura : For mixing with stuff, and for everyday drinking with a little soda water, Knob Creek is totally great, but I'm going to be heretical and say that anything you can make with Knob Creek you can make with Jack Daniels, which isn't technically a bourbon but is so close as makes no difference and cheaper too.

Got some extra money lying around? Higher-proof bourbons really do have more taste to 'em, which you'll appreciate if you smoke and drink (I've heard). When I've got a little extra cash for good alcohol, I like me some Baker's. It's good stuff. You won't mix it with anything, except maybe a little water or an ice cube.

Did you just get a raise, or did you recently roll a wealthy drunk in an alley? Spring for that bottle of Booker's. You'll drink — or rather, sip — it straight, and just a little at a time, but holy crap is it good stuff. 127 proof. Flavorful as all hell, and more than holds its own against even the gnarliest cigar / meal / day.

S.T. VanAirsdale (#10,386)

@Lockheed Ventura

Bargain: Fighting Cock
Midrange: Elmer T. Lee
Splurge: Van Winkle 20yr

That Maker's 46 is pretty great, too, though.

Smitros (#5,315)

I had Van Winkle 12 year last month and it was pretty wonderful.

@Smitros: I believe that is Knob Creek.

Bittersweet (#765)

@boyofdestiny: OK, not every day. It is G&T season, you know.

deepomega (#1,720)

Maker's day to day, Van Winkle Special Reserve when I'm celebrating. Sidecar when I want to feel like a fancy fellow.

Considering the commentbait nature of this thread, I'm surprised it wasn't sponsored by Gillette.


RocketSurgeon (#1,632)

@Gef the Talking Mongoose Baker's is some good stuff indeed.

Craig Brownson (#4,257)

@Gef the Talking Mongoose Booker's is fantastic. Feel the burn!

dumdum (#10,055)

@Lockheed Ventura

1. Bulliet – standard
2. Knob Creek – packs a punch
3. Basil Hayden's – smoothness

SidAndFinancy (#4,328)

@iantenna JACK IS NOT BOURBON. (Sorry, was I shouting?)

Team Beam, or Turkey, but most especially Maker's.

iantenna (#5,160)

@SidAndFinancy well, it depends on who's defining the term. tennessee sour mash sippin' whiskey = bourbon made in tenn. according to the gub'mint. but JD, like all good southern gub'mint haters will tell you otherwise. still, fuck jack daniels (SORRY, POPS!), this is the only good thing to come of that swill.

sigerson (#179)


SeanP (#4,058)

@Lockheed Ventura everyday: Wild Turkey 101. Special occasions: Bulleit, Woodford, Knob Creek are all nice. I tend to like the higher proof ones better – by the time an 80 proof whiskey hits the rocks, it's already kind of watery as far as I'm concerned.

areaderwrites (#592)

My perspective on bourbon predates the craft alcohol movement by a few decades, you would be appalled by the crap we put in our 7-11 cola Slurpees back in the day: Stab n' Kill (Spoonerism), smooth-as-silk Kessler. The teen drinker has no quality standards.

SeanP (#4,058)

@areaderwrites fun names for drinks! "Monster Brau" (vs. Meister Brau). "Old Pile" or "Dog Style" (vs. Old Style). I'm sure our readers can think of more!

BirdNerd (#4,196)

As I sit in my office I can look at the window and barely see the top of the Jim Beam distillery. If I go down to my fav coffeeshop at lunch (bout 2 miles from work) I drive past Buffalo Trace…and then on my way home from work I pass Woodford Reserve, the country road that leads you to Four Roses distillery and a Maker's Mark distributor warehouse. And yet, YET! I can't buy a bottle on Sunday. Doncha love the Bible belt? Drink up, awlers. This drink in on KY.

Bittersweet (#765)

@BirdNerd: Up until recently, you couldn't buy a bottle on Sunday in Massachusetts, either. Blue laws.

Ali (#267)

@BirdNerd: Come to Fayette County. We've gotchur Sunday sales. :)

SeanP (#4,058)

@BirdNerd I was in Huntsville, Al, for a conference last year and they arranged a side trip to the Jack Daniel's distillery. Opinions of JD aside (I don't drink it myself), the tour was very interesting. They provided samples of raw distillate and finished whiskey to compare, which was quite interesting. You also got to see the mashing, fermenting, and distilling operations. Flash photography was prohibited in the actual distilling house, and my though was "how secret can it be"? It wasn't until I got in there and smelled the atmosphere in the place that I realized they were actually concerned with starting the place on fire!

Is rye an acceptable substitute? Or do I have to wait for Rye Day?
(Every day is Rye Day to me.)

@DorothyMantooth YES.

amativus (#9,835)

Guys, listen, you GUYS, this is just perfect because I live in San Francisco and yesterday I tried out Humphrey Slocombe ice cream, right around the corner from my house, for the first time. Their signature flavor is called "Secret Breakfast" and it is BOURBON ICE CREAM with CORNFLAKES, and it is the greatest ice cream flavor ever devised. They will make a float out of it with a bottle of coke (right?) and homemade BOURBON CARAMEL. I needed an excuse to go back today and eat that for the second day in a row, and here I see it's Bourbon Day. Thank you so much.

dumdum (#10,055)


i just yelped that shit and i'm going soon. thanks!

rolandcrosby (#1,480)

It's possibly worth mentioning that Bourbon Day falls smack dab in the middle of Negroni Season.

sigerson (#179)

Hey, Balk, I took your advice and brought a bottle of Buffalo Trace to the poker game last night. On the bad side, we got so drunk we forgot to order dinner and got completely shitfaced. On the good side, I won $1200! So fuck you very much!

whizz_dumb (#10,650)

We got Beam'd up last night and went to the A's game where my buddy grabbed a Matsui homer in the seats and gave it to a baby instead of a kid. Point is, maybe a kid old enough to appreciate a home run ball would've gotten that if it weren't for bourbon.

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