Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Your Summer Jaunts Got More Awesome: Meet the Standard's New Plane!

We presume it'll be "mildly expensive" (not like NetJets expensive!) but starting today, the Standard Hotel plane is available for public bookings! It's an eight-seater Cessna water plane, and they're doing a 300-mile range. In case you're aboard and scared of dying, reasonably, the airplane's stall speed is 106 km/h, so keep one eye on your coke and another on the pilot's dials and you'll be fine.

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Jeff Wise (#9,126)

Realistically, you're much more likely to run into another airplane ( or an inconveniently located large object ( just stall and fall out of the sky due to low airspeed.

@Jeff Wise This is totally true. Thank you for saying this.

Also, asd;fjasdlkfjsad;fl: "I yanked back on the stick by instinct, and hit the hillside going uphill. I was going at least a hundred. Fortunately it was a pretty smooth. I said to myself, self, I’ve got it made. I assumed I was down and I was safe. I went through a rockpile, and then a ravine, and when I finally crawled out there was nothing but me and an engine."

Pop Socket (#187)

Can you have sex right in front of the window just like at the hotel?

falseberry (#11,323)

I’ve always liked the Standard’s upside-down logo. But I don’t want enforced whimsy vis-a-vis the horizon ANYWHERE NEAR my airplane or the people flying it, thanks.

gumplr (#66)

"What happens at eleven o'clock?"

sigerson (#179)

$495 one-way to East Hampton from the East River. Same pricing as the other seaplane company but with considerably better styling and LOTS of free publicity for Balazs Rose, Sunset Beach, etc.

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