Thursday, May 12th, 2011

How To Spot A Williamsburg Trend Story

A tip from a pro: "In this hypertrendspotting environment, you have to be snappy. Once a Williamsburg trend hits the New York Times, it's only good for laughing at the cluelessness of Manhattanites. The real prize is catching a possible trend in its early stages, before it's been all picked over. You have to be able to instantly spot and exploit stories like this, in today's Brooklyn Paper: 'West Bank proxy battle seen in falafel war on Bedford Ave.'"


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boyofdestiny (#1,243)

Is it weird that I don't think the word "gawk" should be used in Gawker stories?

gumplr (#66)

Not at awl.

Harry Cheadle (#6,316)

This isn't just about Jews and Palestinians–it's about unpretentious falafel versus a fancy seven-dollar sandwich with "pickled mango chutney" on it. The Oasis falafel sandwich is the best deal in that part of town, and I will picket this unsanctioned invasion of their territory if need be–charges of anti-Semitism be damned!

next-gen-kid (#171,713)

I think we should all leave it alone. Best sim only deals

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