Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Gentrification Restaurants: First Comes Mexican, Then Comes Thai

"According to urban planner Richard Layman, a long-time chronicler of new restaurants’ relation to shifting neighborhood demographics, Thai eateries are generally among the 'second wave' of retailers to set up shop in an up-and-coming part of town. Mexican, or Tex-Mex, usually comes first, in Layman’s view. But Thai is an increasingly prevalent indicator of change, he says."
Understanding gentrification by new restaurants. (We presume the Mexicans take over the leases when the Chinese plexiglass-window places close up; see also Williamsburg, 1996.)

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goodiesfirst (#3,448)

Now I know why there are 5 million Thai restaurants in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill. But the burrito purveyors (Calexico, Oaxaca, etc.) have come right along with them since there never was any real Mexican food to begin with.

deepomega (#1,720)

This reminds me of a thing from a few years ago, the gist being that a better intuitive line between north and south would be the line between where you can and can't get sweet tea at McDonald's. (The Mason-Dixon line is a goddamn sham, and anyone in NoVa can tell you that sure as shit isn't the south.)

Matt (#26)

But dude you can get sweet tea at McDonald's in NoVa, in fact I may just go get one just to prove this.

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