Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Tech Micro-Boom 2.0 Comes to Quincy, CA

Five years ago, according to the editor of the Quincy Valley Post Register, the town went a bit crazy in a near-shoring boom. Microsoft and Yahoo! both were building data centers in town (hey, eastern California is much closer than Utah, America's favorite near-shoring zone (Mormons are so honest and industrious!)) and property values went up and everyone got a little nuts: "We all know what happened. The construction workers eventually left town, the data centers didn’t bring thousands of new people to live in Quincy and we’re still waiting for a movie theater," he writes. "And sadly, I know of several people who were busted when the boom was over." Now Dell and Sabey are building data centers there too. Here we go again! Meanwhile, up the road a piece in Greenville, you can buy a "3200sf, historic building on Main Street" for $99,000. Be right back, I'm off to start over in Plumas County!

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Choire: Don't buy that house. It's haunted by frontier prostitutes.

@NotAndersonCooper Orrrrr….don't buy that storefront because you will feel compelled to open some doomed twee bookstore cafe with a punny name like "Assless Chapbooks" that is sure lure Zach Braff to town.

caw_caw (#5,641)

Quincy! Who would have thought? Also as a hippie in the woods I so love this rural news feature.

deepomega (#1,720)

Well SHELBYVILLE has three data centers!

keisertroll (#1,117)

The town went to tell after they did the anti-punk rock episode.

jacksonwest (#637)

I had to double check to make sure I didn't read it wrong, because it's the same story in Quincy, Washington — not a lot of good, long-term jobs at plants built specifically for automation and remote control where human intervention is something you specifically try to engineer out of the system.

That said, data centers are keeping this aging hipster employed in San Francisco. So there's that.

brad (#1,678)

what the hell is going on? two mentions of my beloved northern california in two days? i am reeling. i thought you only cared about new york. seriously though- don't go to quincy. it's not funny.

iantenna (#5,160)

@brad hey now, quincy is just fine so long as you live outside of town. it's fucking beautiful, there's great places to swim, and fish and camp, etc. i spent a summer in nearby meadow valley (ucb forestry camp) and loved every minute of it. sure, i guess if you lived there permanently you'd probably have to deal with a lot of meth or whatever it is rural california is into these days but get a big enough plot of land and you can shut that shit out.

brad (#1,678)

there are just better places to go in that neck o' the mountains. head a little north and you're in lassen. gorgeous. that's why i love living in chico. we can get to a lot of beautiful places pretty fast.

KarenUhOh (#19)

Slightly off topic, but wouldn't it rule if the coroner of Quincy, Maine was named "Quincy ME ME"? I guarantee that'd get you laid if you used that at parties.

Especially if the person you were telling it to didn't know there isn't a Quincy, Maine. Or was passed out.

This article was not well researched.

"The Quincy Valley Post Register" serves Quincy, WA. The quote refers to that community.

Quincy, CA's local paper is the "Feather River Bulletin."

Incidentally, the town does have a movie theater.

@jacksonwest Actually, the quote is in regard to Quincy, WA. Reporter messed up.

I can't help but think that this error could have been avoided simply by talking to ANYONE from either town.

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