Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Punk Icon and Spiritual Seeker Set Free From Outer Shell

"I had a guru who left the mortal world in December. He gave me a meditation on the spirit, it was a female spirit, very beautiful but it made me think about that; how this body is just a material body, like an outer shell. It will deteriorate and die, but we can leave something behind in our music or art."
Poly Styrene, born Marianne Joan Elliott-Said, has died at the age of 53. Oh, let's play one more!

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her new album was out in the states today. what a loss. what a woman.

KarenUhOh (#19)


Aww. Why'd ya have to be right this time?

Bryan Keller (#3,804)

RIP. She was a true renegade.

laurel (#4,035)

That voice.

LondonLee (#922)

Quoting from memory something Julie Burchill wrote about her many years ago, screw Bob Dylan this is poetry:

I clambered over mounds and mounds
Of polystyrene foam
And fell into a swimming pool
Filled with fairy snow
And watched the world turn day-glo

I'm gutted, I'll never forget the WTF? effect she had on us kids at the time.

keisertroll (#1,117)

Her death was presaged by Lady Gaga's Grammy performance.

And Phoebe Snow died today too. Cruelest month can't end too soon for me, dammit.

GailPink (#9,712)

I thought she was getting well. RIP Polly!

BadUncle (#153)

Makes me immeasurably sad.

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