Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Building Gardens in the New York City Schools

What's that? A fundraiser to help expand a program in which New York City school kids build gardens, grow vegetables and make documentaries? Sounds like community organizing to me.

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KenWheaton (#401)

Sounds like NYC schools training students to take jobs away from migrant farmers to me.

Graham Meriwether (#11,473)

Thanks so much for sharing the story of our program. We're inspired by the energy and the desire of a new generation of youth who want to grow their own food, and heal their communities. Please consider donating to this project, we are putting gardens in schools, teaching students how to grow vegetables, and empowering them with cameras to tell the story of their learning…


fitzwili (#11,488)

This is such a great project! It is nice to be reminded that not everthing is a toxic mess. I pledged and am very pleased I heard about this here.

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