Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Woman Has Close Encounter With Wild Wolves

"By this time I am standing still. The great dog is far enough away yet for comfort, but I am getting ready to assess the situation. Nine thirty on a Saturday morning and there is no one else in sight. In mid-bound, the dog’s head swings up and his eyes lock onto me. Halting on a dime, he stares at me, and I at him. Very close. If he were a car, I could read his license plate. After an interminable five seconds, he turns and trots along at ninety degrees. Then I see the others: first two, then three more. All huge, white-grey, stunning. I finally map their features onto what I know only from David Attenborough films. Wolves."
The Last Word On Nothing's Jessa Gamble was set upon by a pack of wolves by a frozen lake in Canada recently. She survived because, despite what the Brothers Grimm and Sarah Palin would have you believe, wolves don't really ever attack humans. These ones just ran up and passed on by. But, man, that must have been exciting! (Note: that is not a video of Gamble's encounter, above. It was shot a few years ago, in Yellowstone Park, apparently. Also: it is surprisingly difficult to find a video of "wolves running" that is not set to the music of Enya or Nickelback.)

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KarenUhOh (#19)

I had a dalliance with a wolf at Yellowstone, late-April 2003. I was photographing bison from the shoulder near West Thumb when the wolf came loping around the corner, smack in the middle of the road. April there is still the dead of winter so nobody else was around. I was scared shitless but the animal had zero interest in me, even as he trotted past, within pissing distance. The bison stood their ground at the frozen riverbank; but they were alert.

I'm not certain, but I believe the wolf may have been injured. He was moving okay but looked really tired. This was after six months of winter, though, so it may have just been the season catching up to his strength.

Seeing bison, elk, eagles, bears, antelope was all fine and fascinating. But the wolf sighting was well-nigh miraculous.

Ardnay (#990)

I had a similar, albeit less fortunate, experience. In 2006, I proposed putting a glass tower of more than 20 stories atop the old Sotheby Parke-Bernet building at 980 Madison Avenue, in the Upper East Side Historic District. Some neighbors were none too happy with the idea. One night while walking home, I was struck in the back of the head with (what turned out to be) a cane. I went down in a heap and my assailant whispered, "You are not Charlotte Simmons, bitch!"

heyits (#10,148)

oh yeah, wolves are just harmless, cuddly creatures. except for the part where they stalked and killed an elementary school teacher jogging in the woods of rural Alaska. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35913715/ns/us_news-life/

MParcells (#375)

Well, I believe the Awl has already taken a firm position on the dangers of exercise.

heyits (#10,148)


Speedy Gray (#6,451)

Goddammit! I wrote a really good post about running at night here in Boise when a wolf ran up and bumped my hand. Many people saw the wolf over the next few days. I then deleted it while trying to correct a spelling mistake.
This post compared to the other masterpiece I wrote is like wrapping up the New Testament with these two sentences.
Man says we can all be happy if we are nice to each other. Gets nailed to a cross for his trouble.

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