Monday, March 28th, 2011

Website Targets Hazy, Perhaps Jittery Demographic

Former Radar editor Maer Roshan—along with his partners, Allison Floam (who built Microdialogue, which does consumer analysis, and also sells SunSak, which is "a round towel that transforms into a tote bag") and Joe Schrank (who runs a for-profit addiction recovery program)—have launched a website called The Fix, which covers the wild world of addiction in general and also has rehab reviews. In other new publication news, there is The Atavist, which (more slowly) publishes tablet and reader long-form nonfiction "singles" (that are not necessarily related to atavism).

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zidaane (#373)

Penning my post "How to Bag a Hollywood Starlet in Rehab" now.

Abe Sauer (#148)

Run, don;t walk, to This American Life's Drug Court episode from this weekend

narnio (#38)

Scary good, scary stuff.

zidaane (#373)


Moff (#28)

Am I correct in understanding that the gist of this post is that they are relaunching Radar?

That photo (in a less-cropped form) was the avatar of one of my favorite Gawker commenters back in the day. But who? I can't remember. Now that's gonna drive me crazy for the rest of the day.

Here's a link to the uncropped version, btw:

amuselouche (#448)

That photo looks exactly (some might say "suspiciously") like a friend of mine. So much so that the first time I saw it was when someone emailed it to her and she showed it to me saying "god can you believe someone sent this to me? how rude!" and I replied "oh that's sort of a fucked up picture of you, huh? Rough weekend?" Surprisingly, we are still friends.

Moff (#28)

Was it IndianSlipper? I feel like it was IndianSlipper. Remember when he started his own blog?

I should add that the uncropped picture is quasi-NSFW.

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