Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

The Subway, 25 Years Ago

"The story: in 1986 I made a round trip through the USA and Canada. The starting point was New York. So I filmed some scenes in Manhattan. And was going in the underground at 43nd St & Timesquare. I filmed with a big ARRIflex 16mm camera with a 120m magazine with 7250 Kodak 16mm color reversal Tungsten 400 ASA film and a Schneider Cine Xenon 1:2/16mm lens . This equipment is good for 10 Minutes recording duration at 25 f/sec. After I time a man comes to me and said, he´s a cameraman at ABC and filming at the subway is strictly forbidden without any permission and police is on the other end of the platform. So I was leaving the station, but I had these beautiful pics of the old times in the New York subway." This thing is 10 minutes long, but it will definitely appeal to both transit and New York City nostalgists. [Via]

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Miles Klee (#3,657)


Matt (#26)


Art Yucko (#1,321)

"it was like Tumbling… for the 1970's/80's"

I can smell the urine from here.

SidAndFinancy (#4,328)

I miss the tokens. I used to keep them in my penny loafers — never without a ride home!

I can't stop watching; Coin turnstiles, Members Only, White slacks. Reagan America!

emilydemery (#7,418)

Love love love!!! BEAUTIFUL footage and so much to notice! What's a K line? Why are some cars pristine and others completely tagged? Oh the white sneakers + business dresses making people look like Mennonites – c'mon ladies!

Also, random question, has smoking always been banned in subway stations?

Art Yucko (#1,321)


Natzzzzzz (#7,318)

Always with the graffiti these whippersnappers.

leprechaun (#10,811)

Love it. Beautiful piece of filmwork. 16mm film was great. Guess it's been made obsolete by video. so were you a filmmaking student at the time? Not many people own those cameras, just film departments at colleges and places that rent them to filmmakers.

mrschem (#1,757)

There was a 'K' line? I think I saw Lester Freamon at 00:25.

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