Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Rich People Difficult to Satisfy, Listen To

"Any moment there's something the guest doesn't particularly like, the first sentence is, 'This is not a four-star experience.' Immediately. It doesn't matter what it is, it's the first thing that comes out of anybody's mouth."
—Jeff Katz, Del Posto's general manager, politely notes the truth that, in general, people who eat at expensive restaurants are huge, unnecessary bitches.

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MikeBarthel (#1,884)

I wonder if one of those things was me and my now-fiancee having a very loud conversation about circumcision when I took her to Del Posto after asking her to marry me. The older folks at the next table seemed a little disturbed.

Dave Bry (#422)

Did you leave a tip?

MikeBarthel (#1,884)

You're supposed to tip in restaurants?

Dave Bry (#422)

I think you're supposed to leave a tip anywhere you have a conversation about circumcision.

(If you're an old jew telling jokes.)

refractor (#3,009)

But how do they split the check? Insufferably?

InfoMofo (#505)

Honestly, I would expect anyone eating at Del Posto to utter 'This is not a four-star experience.'

So… maybe it's you, dude.

KarenUhOh (#19)

That's exactly what Omar Bradley said to George Patton. Then they had a cigarette.

Moff (#28)

This was kind of misleading. There were really not any good "I am an insane customer!" stories in the linked piece.

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