Katie Roiphe Better Look Out After School by the Bike Racks

I am so BORED with Katie Roiphe’s “I like the sexist drunk writers” bullshit. She happily trashes my husband, but guess what bitch?Fri Mar 25 01:42:58 via TweetDeck

He not only writes rings and rings and rings around you, but the same rings around your drunken literary love objects.Fri Mar 25 01:43:27 via TweetDeck

If you say “Michael Chabon, Michael Chabon, Michael Chabon” in the mirror that is the Internet, Ayelet Waldman appears. With an axe. Katie Roiphe—whose first book, You’re Actually Just a Whore: Raping Doesn’t Happen at College, was so ridiculous that she should never have been published again—wrote this week about her mother’s newest memoir, which sounds like a captivating racy tale of bed-hopping in 1960s literary New York, thought it’s also an excuse for Roiphe to further her latest interests, the perceived virility or flaccidity of the male novelist. In related news, there was an n+1 party this week.