Friday, February 11th, 2011

The Future of Gaychitecture

We always love renderings of things that are allegedly going to be built, particularly those things that probably won't, as happens in these cases. We don't think you should hold your breath for "BOOM," which is a proposed development in Southern California for community living for the gay "retiring" population. (And before we enjoy the fun architect porn, may I somberly and joylessly point out that there are huge, monster, enormous issues facing the gays, particularly those between 35 and 55? The next generation will likely have family structures not dissimilar to straight people to assist in aging issues; the previous generation often just died in silence, particularly prematurely. But what becomes of us current childless gays in our coming golden years—particularly the un-rich ones? Not that this is something that keeps me up at night every night or anything.) So this planned community idea is a "$250 million love child of BOOM Communities, Inc., a Los Angeles-based real estate investment company," which has no public-facing information. (Development projects are so annoying: sure we'll talk about the potential architects, and the competition: but, like, whose money is it?) Here is a very comprehensive look at the architecture and marketing challenges, and here you may enjoy renderings by all ten architects that have submitted, including some of our faves like LOT-EK.

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mrmcd (#9,309)

What if I'm not gay, but I would still like to live inside the cover of a $2 sci-fi paperback?

City_Dater (#2,500)

Yes! I am childless, not rich, and don't care if my neighbors are listening to Scissor Sisters a little too loudly while they bake muffins for brunch…

I am a straight woman who would happily spend her sunset years on Gay Space Mountain.

jolie (#16)

@City_Dater: You took the words right out of my fingers!

HiredGoons (#603)

so it will be like Flagstaff, with more intrigue and bad House music.

HiredGoons (#603)

also I love how 'male-centric' those renderings are except for the one with two lesbian couples right next to each other, like the token-black-man.

IBentMyWookie (#133)

So in the future, gays will exist only as holograms? Meh, stands to reason. Holograms don't weigh anything…

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

Common practice in architectural renderings. HOW DARE THESE BEARS BLOCK THE VIEW OF MY CHAIRS etc.

Wow, with rhymes like those, maybe I should do a rap benefit for retiring gays.

BadUncle (#153)

Who needs another gay retirement community when there's Palm Springs?

Aatom (#74)

Palm Springs is the best clothing-optional city in the world.

gregorg (#30)

You don't need to give LOT-EK $250 million to be Quentin Crisp in a shipping container.

KarenUhOh (#19)

I was miffed nobody was designing planned communities for homely and dim folk like me, but then I discovered KOA.

hman (#53)

My non-kids are gonna love that climbing wall.

jfruh (#713)

This non-child having straight plans on using the money that otherwise would have fed, clothed, and educated his non-child to retire on, and I assume the gays will do the same? Unless they blow it all on Cher tickets or something, I guess.

scroll_lock (#4,122)

Looking at that photo makes me wonder if muffin-tops convey with the deed. The guy on the left can't put his arms down.

scroll_lock (#4,122)

Choire, regarding your golden years- Balk will be unable to care for you, having been marinated in bourbon and roasted on a spit by a bear years before you retire. But fear not: any number of us commenters are ready to elder-abuse and neglect you.

HiredGoons (#603)

dibs on stealing his money and laughing when the nurses don't believe him.

scroll_lock (#4,122)

@goons: You're in charge of icy spongebaths.

@jolie: You get to refuse him salve for his bedsores.

jolie (#16)

I already sent Choire an email telling him to stop being so silly because duh, I'm going to take care of him in his golden years.

Not so much that other one though.

joeclark (#651)

I am mystified by the illustration’s robotic attack musclebears marching hand-in-hand to terminate their homomeatbag oppressors.

I would skate the hell out of it.

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