Monday, February 7th, 2011

'The Dead Do Not Improve': 2012's Novel to Anticipate

Um! Enthusiasts of the work of Jay Kang (this and this) will be interested in this: "Crown's Lindsay Sagnette made a six-figure pre-empt for North American rights to a debut novel by Columbia M.F.A. Jay Kang. Sterling Lord's Jim Rutman sold The Dead Do Not Improve, which the publisher is comparing to works by Junot Díaz and Gary Shteyngart. The novel follows a frustrated young writer with an M.F.A. who becomes the focus of a "violent scheme," per the publisher, after his neighbor is murdered. Crown said the book follows the protagonist as he wanders through 'a suddenly menacing, unknowable San Francisco, fending off militant surfers, overpopulated quinoa cafes, and aggressive advanced creative writing students.'"


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nakedfoul (#7,567)

Is this book actually named after a Silver Jews lyric? If so, I'm preparing my magnum opus "Blimps Go 90" post haste.

mmmark (#4,458)

Damn! Beat me to it.

katiechasm (#163)

i am also intrigued by this

keisertroll (#1,117)

"Slow Education", biches.

slow education (#3,659)

you rang?

katiebakes (#32)

Holy bonkers! Divine! (searching frantically for "Pre-Order" button somewhere, anywhere)

6h057 (#1,914)

In Which I Comment About Junot Díaz and Gary Shteyngart Being Gimmicky Writers

boyofdestiny (#1,243)

And we already have at least two writers that are like those guys.

avb212 (#1,293)

Yay, good writers being paid money to write stuff! Lindsay is a great editor so I'm sure she'll help nurse this book along.

For the record my nonexistent SJ-titled book is "You're the Only Ten I See."

nakedfoul (#7,567)

"Hospitalized for Approaching Perfection"
"Slowly Screwing My Way Across Europe"
"Synchronize to Animal Time"

slow education (#3,659)

and you've got that one idea again.

ecgroom (#570)

And if ya REALLY like him, he's on Twitter – @maxpower51

"Write what you know." I guess…

Mork el Pork (#8,293)

What BOD said, although at the same time the first part of what avb212 said. and also this, an "if you like that, wait til you see this!" if there ever was one:

rabbitangstrom (#9,551)

That's what immediately popped into my mind when I read the title too. Anyway, I poked around google and I can't find any reference to that line besides this book and the Joos lyric.
On another note, David Berman is one hell of a great guy. A few years ago, I wrote him a letter while in a drunken haze and mailed it while still only semi-conscious. I promptly forgot about it but he actually wrote me back about a week later!
I know I'm gushing like a 13 yr old girl at a Justin Bieber autograph signing, but David Berman and Steve Malkmus were heroes to me during high school in the mid nineties.

I'm glad there's some healthy disagreement about this.

Shteyngart is way better than Diaz! A funny gimmick is always better than a boring one and later, when the folks in robes and jumpsuits make the call, more a stylistic quirk than a gimmick.

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