Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Radio Host Vicki McKenna Claims Liberals Want to Assassinate Governor Scott Walker

Vicki McKenna is a conservative radio talk show host for Madison's WISN and WIBA. You can see her here on her personal website, tastefully and patriotically wrapped in an American flag.

Every day, McKenna's program calls her "a voice of reason in a city of chaos." Madison. Madison, Wisconsin! "A city of chaos." She's one of the star conservative voices in the region. Michelle Malkin endorses her as "The only voice we have in Madison."

The recent protests against Governor Scott Walker's proposal to bust up the pubic service unions has McKenna in a frenzy. Just before tweeting "FIRE THEM ALL" as a response to the teachers who have called in sick to protest, McKenna posted this little bit of news on her Facebook page: "LIBERALS CALLING TO ASSASSINATE SCOTT WALKER?!!"

The totality of McKenna's post reads "Posting on facebook today: OK, If you knew what a royal pain Walker was going to be…Would you have arrange a nice slow convertible ride for him while he was in Dallas? Is there a book depository in Madison?" [sic, all of it] No source is given.

Many of her Facebook followers immediately responded to the note. Jerry Smythe wrote, "This is sad but not unexpected. All too typical of the tactics of the left. Conservatives must always treat them with respect. They treat their political enemies any way they want with seeming impunity."

McKenna is suggesting that somebody posted the following Kennedy assassination comparison comment on Facebook. And that is true that somebody did post that on Facebook earlier. That person was Vicki McKenna. Thirteen hours earlier, as a comment on one of her own earlier posts about the protests, McKenna wrote: "this is nice, just got this sent to me: 'OK, If you knew what a royal pain Walker was going to be… Would you have arrange a nice slow convertible ride for him while he was in Dallas? Is there a book depository in Madison?'"

Conservative talk show host posts unsourced claim about assassinating Governor Walker in a comment thread on her own Facebook page. Half a day later, she finds the comment and is so outraged that she puts together a Facebook post about how liberal Facebookers are calling for the assassinating of Governor Walker. PRESTO! NEWS!

Even better, later on in her own post, McKenna follows up with a highly ironic question: "can you all imagine if i had put something like that up on a FB post?!!! my god, the headlines would be screaming: RIGHT WING RADIO HOST CALLS FOR LIBERAL ASSASSINATIONS! police would be alerted. i'd probably be arrested."

McKenna found her discovery so important that she tweeted a link to the page as well.


After several tries, we finally reached McKenna. She responded to our questions about the source, writing only that "it was a post from a friend" and that "no, i don;t have a link." McKenna added: "as a former reporter, i am interested to know how you conceive this as a news story, though?"

Meanwhile, right now, thousands more students and protestors are marching up State Street—quite peacefully.

UW students on move up State in huge #s, girl just hugged cop blocking traffic for them. #wiunion #notmywiThu Feb 17 16:33:24 via txt

McKenna's slanderous assassination accusation comes amidst rumors that Walker's GOP backing is beginning to have second thoughts about the bill. Not Walker, who, in the face of even bigger protests today, spoke to Fox News, reiterated that the National Guard was ready, dismissed the protests as "just a few riled up" people—and more or less told all of his opposition to get stuffed.

Republicans are already setting sights on their next victim, with plans to dismantle the state's regional transit authorities, essentially drawing the knife across the neck of improved mass transit.

McKenna's inflamed rhetoric is beyond the pale even for her and is emblematic of the mindset behind the bill's supporters. (Others on McKenna's side have attempted to turn workers against one another with claims that the "City of Madison protects its unions, not its taxpayers," as if union members did not pay taxes.)

McKenna's suggestion is made even more pathetic and vile by the fact that by every single report from the protests has shown them to be absolutely peaceful.

Blah blah blah McKenna ashamed blah blah blah should be blah blah blah don't hold your breath.

Abe Sauer can be reached at abesauer [at]

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kolk (#3,846)

as always, thanks for your reporting, abe!

skywalker (#240,350)

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boyofdestiny (#1,243)

i am interested to know how you conceive this as a news story, though?

I love it. "You make an excellent point, Ms. McKenna. I realize this isn't news. Sorry to bother you!"

David Roth (#4,429)

"As a current reporter, one currently doing the job, I am curious how you as a former reporter can just straight make shit up and report on it without barfing yourself to sleep every night. That's my angle, basically."

TCJunior (#1,099)

My cousin is a teacher up there, and here's what gets me: she says that a lot of the folks protesting say that they voted for Walker, but they didn't vote for THIS. Which makes me think that uninformed voting is worse than not voting. Read the fine print, people!

SRSLY. I'm from Chicago, and I fully understand voting for the least worst, but still.

LotaLota (#1,703)

This is the problem. Roughly a third of public employees vote for non-labor-endorsed candidates. Even though the whole point of labor endorsement is finding the candidates that support workers, a certain segment denounces it as "political", and complains that the union is sticking its nose into politics. Well, yes, people: your JOBS are political, because you are public employees. Like it or not, you had better pay attention to politics and your union's endorsements, and vote accordingly.

And for those public employees who believe that your government should be cutting its wages and workforce: YOU FIRST. Here's your chance to take a principled stand. Quit, and take that fast-food job down at the food court. So…why are you still working here?

scratch (#9,949)

You're so right about workers for anti-working-people candidates. I can find no better way to explain it than Stockholm syndrome.

zidaane (#373)

Greta, "How about that Super Bowl?".

Madison, the place where drivers actually yield to pedestrians in crosswalks! Chaos!!

freetzy (#7,018)

I'm always impressed with intestinal fortitude of journalists like Abe and the folks at Media Matters who voluntarily listen to, watch and read the output from these conservative mouthpieces for mouthbreathers. I just could not do it.

metoometoo (#230)

A friend of mine writes for Media Matters and I totally admire him but also pity him at the same time, because he seems so immersed in misery and frustration all day, every day.

KarenUhOh (#19)

This"former reporter" from "Rockford and Roscoe, IL" (that's actually two different places. . .although not really…though Rockford is/was a huge union town), "is an avid marine fish, eel, reef and snake keeper. Her personal interests include her pets, motorcycles, target shooting and scuba." She also advocates vigorously protecting "her" Second Amendment Rights, which appears to involve a "Second Amendment" link on her webpage, which is "under construction" if not under attack from enemies of freedom.

I can see why she would feel trapped in the "chaos" of Madison, what with its lakes, parks, bike trails, museums, culture, artisans, educators, and. . .all that intellectual free-thought junk. Let's not confuse liberty with libertinism.

Personal to Ms. McKenna? Beloit, dear. It's almost not beneath you.

petejayhawk (#1,249)

Rockford's not much of a union town these days, considering there are no jobs left there.

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

How long is it before Madison descends into chaos and looting?!? LOOOOOOOOOOOOTING!!!

hah! Kidding.

boyofdestiny (#1,243)

I KNEW that's where that link was going!

deepomega (#1,720)

Don't worry, some of the swarthier whites (Italians, certain Dutch) can stand in for minorities when it comes to looting headlines.

citizencurator (#9,940)

I live in the state in question and have probably a dozen friends who are teachers and very vocal about this. Scott Walker is an idiot. I think he's working for the Sontaran.

I also have a friend who's a libertarian, who loves Scott Walker and supports the current proposal….even though his parents are state employees and stand to lose $15,000 of their annual income.


libmas (#231)

Nobody likes to lose income, but it seems preferable to laying off lots of workers. I've taken two pay cuts at my (private sector) job and had my health insurance downgraded, but my boss is doing it so that he won't have to lay anybody off (it's a small business). I don't like it, but I understand it.

Abe Sauer (#148)

McKenna responds on the Facebook "assassination" post:

"for some reason, this has set some small bloggers or reporters off. i have no idea why. but i'm getting contacts from NY on this. weird. anyway, i just had a coworker indicate she thought walker could get assassinated over this. NOW, i… think that's just pure union-driven fear tactics, folks. its straight out of alinsky. this is not a REVOLUTION going on here, it's a TANTRUM. the "revolutionaries" are all making over 70k plus benefits, drive nice, new cars, and tend toward lite beer and white whine. comfort doesn't typically inspire REVOLUTION. or assassination. che guevera is just a guy on a t-shirt and REVOLUTION is a Beatles song. so i think everyone needs to relax on what they think could happen. i live here, trust me."!/note.php?note_id=10150101206103150&comments

boyofdestiny (#1,243)

We all know what "white wine" means.

Van Buren Boy (#1,233)

Those employees also provide essential services for the citizens of Wisconsin that are vital for it's prosperity and they deserve to be compensated for it. What does she want? A bunch of high school dropouts and undereducated imbeciles as teachers? In general I tend to not have too much sympathy towards public sector unions (firing a bad employee can be next to impossible) but this is going way too far.

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

So wait, a co-worker at Right Wing Talk Radio Station said, "What if someone tried to kill the governor?" and her reaction was "HOW DARE THE LEFT MAKE THESE INSANE THREATS"? I think that's actually more hilarious than her making the entire thing up herself.

hockeymom (#143)

So is this thing going to pass or what? I just heard that the Dems are walking out, but not sure if it's true or random blather by angry ginger, Ed Schultz.

Abe Sauer (#148)

Forget TV. Best source for updates is!/search?q=%23NotMyWi

hockeymom (#143)

Thanks…I was listening to the radio, because Schultz is there…but he's incomprehensible.

libmas (#231)

Yeah, they seem to have gone missing:

But this is kinda funny, coming from someone who won't show up to vote:

"The story around the world is the rush to democracy," said Democratic Sen. Bob Jauch of Poplar. "The story in Wisconsin is the end of the democratic process."

Abe Sauer (#148)

Yeah, latest is no quorum because all Dem senators fled to Illinois. Reportedly Sgt. at Arms is looking for them.

Van Buren Boy (#1,233)

I know someone who works for Scott Walker and also worked on the McCain campaign. My friend(?) is not a bad guy but his head is so far up his ass and he can't fathom outside ideas that contradict his own rigid ideology.

CousinOliver (#1,024)

I feel that way about so many people, especially the ones who don't agree with me.

BadUncle (#153)

I'm sure McKenna's friend has evidence showing these liberal assassins are training with George Soros' Nazis inside the hollow earth.

"Voice of reason in a city of chaos" made my head hurt, to say nothing of the rest. Is she talking about the great civil unrest of a July Farmer's Market on the Square when that one place runs out of organic cheese bread?

Seriously though, I'm super proud of everyone in Madison fighting for their rights. One of my friends (a cheerful hippie type) got arrested for disorderly conduct during the protests, which is just wow. Wisconsin is a beautiful state that I'm excited to call home very soon, not least because of the wonderful people.

Abe Sauer (#148)

McKenna will be on Neil Cavuto today at 3:00 pm.

Admittedly, it's been 4 years since I left my native land, but can anyone tell me when Vicki McKenna make the impressive transition from the lady shockjock who pressed the fart button and made crank calls on Z104's "Z Morning Zoo" show to a "conservative radio host" and a ""voice of reason in a city of chaos"?

DMcK (#5,027)


Abe – I just got off the phone with my dad. He's old GOP guy from Sauk County, and he's devastated by all this (my mom is public school teacher, you see). He worked in the Capitol back in the 70s, and he vividly recalled his early days when they passed SB-15, which guaranteed contract arbitration teachers—"many of whom had worked 10 or 15 years without contracts because the school boards refused to negotiate," he said. After the bipartisan effort passed, he said it was followed by a raucous bipartisan celebration in the taverns of King Street.

Remarkably, Bob Bablitch, the Senate majority leader who drove that bill through in 1975, passed away over the weekend. "It's all come full circle."

libmas (#231)

Is this guy:

…just wrong when he says this:

"Walker, remember, is not removing unions' fundamental power to bargain for wages. He is demanding that state workers put 5.8% of their wages toward retirement and that they cover 12.6% of their health care premiums, which would still have them paying more than $100 less a month than the average schmoe. He is also proposing that elected officials determine the shape of employee benefits without having to bargain them, and this as much as the added cost has unions crying 'unfair.'"

I've been hearing a lot from a friend of mine in rural WI (Soldier's Grove) who is very much an average schmoe and thinks this guy is spot-on.

Abe Sauer (#148)

He's not completely wrong. If the bill passes civil service protections will remain. But Walker's bill remove's the ability to collectively bargain. Of course, that op ed ignores that public sector pay is already lower than private sector pay so… One of the greatest problems here though is that there wasn't even the slightest attempt to negotiate. Walker just straight up introduced the bill.

stevie (#1,417)

I grew up in Wisconsin, went to Madison and still have a lot of friends and family there (Millbot, tweet-quoted [?] above is an old college roommate of mine). Many of them are members of the unions affected by this, and from what they've said, they're not opposed to paying more into their health insurance or their pensions. Their problem is that they'll be stripped of their ability to bargain for anything that isn't wages,and even on that, they'll be limited to the Consumer Price Index unless they want to hold a statewide referendum for it to be higher.

In addition to the Twitter link Abe posted, #wiunion is another good way to find info. I'd also recommend the live blog at

chefbob50 (#9,923)

Is it wrong to call a woman a lying douchbag…

Teighlor (#8,538)

Her website looks like she's selling bait and tackle in Muleshit, Arkansas.

Kate Fagan (#11,029)

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald held a town hall meeting in Lake Mills, WI tonight. It started at 5 p.m. and was supposed to end by 7. Well guess what, he and his staff graciously stayed until 9 p.m. The Lake Mills teachers were represented and were happy to cackle and disrupt the meeting, the State Troopers escorted several people out. One speaker said she could read his body language! (Must have been a teacher, they have so many unique skills) A couple said they were offended at his tone, disprespect and being inconsiderate LOL! Otherwise pretty much the same-ole-same-ole "we are only paid $60,000." My favorite was "Their disposable income is what creates jobs in Wisconsin!" When a supporter had a chance to voice their support the crowd just had to resort to their outburst. He was criticized for where the meeting was being held; How far they had to park their car to walk; and when he responded w/only 5 constituents showed up in Feb. this was unacceptable to them. They said he should have anticipated a large crowd. Vicki 12,860 Lake Mills residents voted Tues. for David Prosser vs. 9,365 for J.K. When I got a chance, (9:00 p.m.) I pointed out of the 72 counties in the State of WI, 71 of them had 53% of voter cast a vote for Prosser so don't claim this was a referendum against Walker. I also pointed out no one in the room was contributing to my retirement savings and I stood up for corporations and pointed out many of them were not formed by learned college educated people as one person suggested was wrong w/Republicans. (Ray Kroch/McDonald; Walton/Walmart, etc.) They must have instructed their members to fill out the slips to talk because the rest of us had to wait at least 3 hours to get a word in edgewise.

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