Friday, February 11th, 2011

Marijuana Will Make Your Dick Stop Working

Bad news, potheads: Your drug of choice is making your wang as lazy and useless as the hippies who extol the virtues of different strains of bud. "[A] new review of research on marijuana and sexual health suggests that male smokers could be courting sexual dysfunction… recent research – including the finding that the penis contains receptors for marijuana's active ingredient – suggests that young men may want to think about long-term effects before rolling a joint, [study researcher Rany] Shamloul told LiveScience. 'It's a strong message to our younger generations and younger men.'" There is also the suggestion that men who claimed marijuana helped them to do sex longer "may just have been experiencing the drug's altering effects on the perception of time."

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Dave Bry (#422)

Straight. Not like hippie Johnny.

MParcells (#375)

You want to take his place?

HiredGoons (#603)

If "researchers" spent less time finding out why pot is bad for you, and more time finding out how to make pot more potent… nobody would care if pot is bad for you.

ignerd (#9,456)

beats whisky dick.

metoometoo (#230)

Well, just so everyone knows, my boyf and I having been getting high and having sex like every night for seven years, and it's been working quite well so far.

I once heard that if a guy smokes lots of pot it will make him more likely to have daughters, which I doubt is true but I really hope it is!

Huh. I have never heard anyone else say this before, but my wife and I have observed it about all of my male friends who have children. Without exception, every dude in my circle of friends that had been a habitual pot-smoker had a girl for their first child.

Sounds like science to me.

metoometoo (#230)

Yay! Please be true, please be true, please be true…

davetar (#1,114)

Scientists need to either smoke more pot or have more sex, I'm not sure which.

kneetoe (#1,881)

They can court sexual dysfunction all they want, they'll never close the deal.

matt_t (#4,426)

The scientists are going to write a book about this called 'Not coming and Not Crying (because I was high)'

foxbat91 (#9,832)

Whatevs, that study wasn't new research. It mostly consisted of the researchers commenting on how biased and poorly-controlled all existing studies on weed and boners has been so far.

I think we need to clear the air and get down to some hard science here.

amativus (#9,835)

I'm not saying this explains everything about my first couple boyfriends. I'm just saying this explains a lot.

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