Friday, February 18th, 2011

240 Politicians Come Together In Support of Teens Having STDs

240 members of the House of Representatives voted to deny federal funding to Planned Parenthood. Because you know what we should all be against? Healthcare, unbiased information and STD prevention. Enjoy your uneducated and pregnant kiddos, Republican America! Should anyone have any money left after the politician-induced recession, perhaps they could give some to Planned Parenthood.

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jaimealyse (#647)

Where can I see these 240 politicians' names? (Wondering if my Rep needs an angry feminist letter from this constituent.)

mmmark (#4,458)

I was you, I'd save my letter writing for a Senator ('specially if I lived in Nebraska, Arkansas, Massachusetts, or Maine).

I'm guessing that looking for the "(R)" after their last names is a pretty good proxy.

And I know this doesn't contribute much to the discussion, but I really, seriously, fucking hate the Republican Party. They are deeply, profoundly evil people.

hockeymom (#143)

My sister works for a family planning organization. She says that non-solicited donations have jumped. (But you should donate anyway. If you want:)

Renate (#360)

We are all Bristol Palin now.

cherrispryte (#444)

Another fun thing to do is, after donating, post their blurb on your facebook and watch as all of those people you hated from high school and were never friends with anyway defriend you. It's good for the spirit.

bthny (#2,907)

I'm honestly SHOCKED that more people I went to high school with haven't defriended me because I post pro-choice stuff all the time.

mmmark (#4,458)

"Two of the Senate's Republicans, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, voted to table Nelson's amendment. At the moment there aren't enough votes to get a Planned Parenthood funding ban through the Senate."

Hopefully this will die in the Senate, but it is positively sickening.

scratch (#9,949)

I think the bill needs to be aborted to save the life of the nation.

Rachel Mu (#10,028)

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Unfortunately, STD rates soar worldwide and most people with STDs don't even know that they have them. The government should grant more money for STD education to lower the rates of STD transmission.

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