Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Vulture Detained In Saudi Arabia On Accusations Of Spying For Israel

Nice video, right? A griffon vulture soars in the sky, its mighty 8-foot-wingspan holding it aloft above the desert. Beautiful to watch, right? Yeah, well, that's what he wants you to think. Actually, that vulture is a Mossad operative, collecting information that will help Israel take over the world. He and his friends, a Zionist cabal down in the sands of the Negev, are plotting against the governments of the surrounding Arab countries. And eating carrion, of course. They're very sneaky, those bald, large-beaked Jew spy vultures. But for one of them, on a secret surveillance mission to the Saudi Arabian city of Hyaal, the jig is up!

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mrmcd (#9,309)

Sure we laugh, but it's common knowledge in Saudi Arabia that Jews will revert to their animal form if they go more than two weeks without consuming the blood of Arab children.

They suppress this knowledge in the US though, because of their iron fisted control over the media.

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