Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Get Ready To Eat Some Bugs

"Bugs are high in protein, low in fat and efficient to cultivate—10 kilograms (22 pounds) of feed yields six to eight kilograms of insect meat compared to one kilogram of beef, states the university's research. Insects are abundant, produce less greenhouse gas and manure, and do not transfer any diseases, when eaten, that can mutate into a dangerous human form, say the researchers."
I ate a grasshopper (or, as Marian Peters, secretary of the Dutch insect breeders association, Venik, would call it, "the caviar of insects") at a sushi restaurant once. It was fried crispy and drenched in soy sauce. It didn't taste bad, but about halfway through chewing, I was far too aware that there was a large bug in my mouth. I didn't spit it out. But I never want to eat a grasshopper again, either. Unfortunately, according to science, I will probably have to.

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boyofdestiny (#1,243)

Many years ago, a bunch of guys bet me $5 that I wouldn't eat what I now realize was a giant silverfish that scurried out of a bag of Chinese takeout that we had ordered. Being 17 (i.e., a moron with no money), I took the bet and ate that sucker with a spoonful of wanton soup broth. Looking back, the more sickening thing is that we all proceeded to devour the food that was in the bag that the bug crawled from. Gross.

garge (#736)


boyofdestiny (#1,243)

What do you want me to say? It was five bucks!

garge (#736)

I would pay ten to unknow that about you.

IBentMyWookie (#133)

Dude, 17 is definitely old enough to know better. It's like ten years past the age where that sort of thing is kinda sorta maybe understandable, and that's only if you're a particularly slow kid. So no! No! Bad boyofdestiny! Bad!

boyofdestiny (#1,243)

Out of respect for garge, I won't get too far into this, suffice it to say that there was a great deal of pride, honor, and respect at stake. And five bucks!

Pop Socket (#187)

There is a Mexican restaurant in downtown DC that serves grasshopper tacos. I'll take them over Taco Bell any day.

Smitros (#5,315)

That's Oyamel. I haven't had those, but there's plenty else to like there.

Tulletilsynet (#333)

So and did anybody else ever eat something gross?

BadUncle (#153)

Given that King Crabs are really water spiders, the Sea Food Lover in You should be open to bug entrees. As for me, I have a tough time eating escargot because I think snails are kind of cute.

@BadUncle: Eating cute things is off-limits, too? … because I really like to eat cute things.

extra credit: It's called a "bunny" in the pet store, but "rabbit" on the plate. Discuss. "I call it delicious" is also acceptable.

BadUncle (#153)

I don't eat bunny or rabbit. But I love "lapin."

Socarrat down in Chelsea makes a paella with rabbit and snails (and adorable little piggy pig short ribs). It's like an edible version of cuteoverload.

BadUncle (#153)

If they could put a snail in a guinnea pig, inside a rabbit, in a piglet, in a veal, then I'd be there.

"I was killed so you could eat me while wearing sweatpants. Nice meeting you."

Dave Bry (#422)

Ha! Nice!

pepper (#676)

The fried grasshoppers in Oaxaca are actually kind of good, especially in a taco with guacamole. Crisp and smoky. Plus you're probably on the other side of a fairly impressive amount of mezcal.

But there's always that moment afterwards where you're talking to a cute girl and you realize you have antennae wedged between your teeth.

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