Friday, January 28th, 2011

Egypt "Absolute Chaos"

You know what is the worst possible thing the Egyptian government could have done? Detaining just-returned possible opposition candidate Mohamed ElBaradei. That won't inflame protests at all! Not that they need inflaming in the slightest; Cairo is apparently choking with tear gas. The good news? People arrested may not stay in jail for long: Al Jazeera reports that in Suez, "the police station in the port city has been taken over by protesters who have freed detainees." Meanwhile, French journalists have been arrested and CNN's cameras have been seized by police, as the country believes it can silence news about the brewing revolution.

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MParcells (#375)

I'm not worried. According to Biden, Egypt's problem is just "middle-class folks" looking for "a little more access and a little more opportunity."

Lockheed Ventura (#5,536)

The dramatic images of the armored personnel carriers driving into the crowds in the Russian Times video are actually from Tuesday Night/ Wednesday morning when the Egyptian authorities stormed the Tahrir Square after the initial January 25th protests. The assault could be viewed by rooftop internet feeds and certainly there were Western journalists present, yet it was largely uncovered in the Western media, nor was it condemned by the State Department. Predictably, the oppression only reached "crisis" levels after a few Western journalists got roughed up and the Egyptian government shut down the beloved Twitter.

The assault which was available for internet viewers and Twitter followers was not worthy of commentary or an Editorial statement from the NY TImes on Wednesday. The mainstream American press is being pushed by historical events to actually cover the story. Sadly, despite decades of empty rhetoric from the Times and the State Department about the need for change in the Middle East, the hypocrites show there true colors when the shit actually hits the fan. History, social media and freer (yes, I said freer) media outlets like Al Jazeera and the Russian Times are forcing the forces of the status quo, i.e. supporters of dictatorship like the NY Times and the Obama Administration, to awaken to a reality of a new Arab Dawn.

God Bless the People of Egypt.

johnpseudonym (#1,452)

Blame it on the Sea People.

hockeymom (#143)

Watch live video on Al Jazeera at

deepomega (#1,720)

This is a really helpful primer on how to handle protests and revolutionary agitation in the worst. Way. Possible. Especially given the Western media's silence on it in the beginning! Egypt could have just waited it out quietly and NOT SHOT ANYONE.

Yamara (#9,395)

I call upon the Sublime Porte to restore prosperity and peace.

I just heard Boutros-Ghali on the BBC. According to him it is a small minority of lawless Muslim Brotherhood thugs and that Mubarak is actually very popular. Well, insane as that is, to his credit he did not endorse a violent crackdown.

NFK (#8,747)

Burn like fire, burn like fire in Cairo.

al-fannaan (#9,548)

This was the one Arab country whose change of regime could turn US foreign policy in the region on its head. Kinda hard to explain why disenfranchised Egyptians have legitimate grievances but imprisoned Gazans don't, huh?

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