Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Dying Animals: The Movie

If the great planetary die-off (which now includes hundreds of expired fish that washed ashore in New Zealand; "We initially thought 'woohoo a free feed' but they had really cloudy eyes and you could see the birds had been at them. Some of them had no eyes," said one witness) really does signify the coming apocalypse, it's nice to know that our friends over at Next Media Animation will be around to cover it. I bet their Rapture video is killer!

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Bonjourmiette (#9,282)

I am now slightly concerned, not of an impending apocalypse, but of some Hollywood exec watching this recreation and dooming us all to a cgi/live action extravaganza involving a homicide detective cat in a quirky southern town.

keisertroll (#1,117)

They faked us out with that "Master and Margarita"-turned-"CSI Miami" reference.

nyplankton (#9,299)

Come in dogfort…over.

George (#19,678)

Where are those guys called scientists? Their job is to study fauna and give the answers we are waiting for in these cases. I guess the media gives such ironic answers when they want to undermine the real problems, bijuterii argint.

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