Monday, December 6th, 2010

The 23 Must-Buy Artists of the 2010 Miami Art Fairs

Rosângela Rennó

Kris Martin

Koki Tanaka

Lisa Oppenheim

Oscar Tuazon

Cristina Lucas

Sudarshan Shetty

Scott Daniel Ellison

Michelle Jezierski

Rose Wylie

Jill Baroff

Jim Lee

Jagannath Panda

Carmen McLeod

Julia Kuhl

Jakkai Siributr

Gene Davis

Laura Oldfield Ford

Michael Schall

Whitney Bedford

Jenny Perlin

Zsolt Bodoni

Thomas Müller

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Art Yucko (#1,321)

24. Brian Van.

I think one Panda post a day is enough.

flossy (#1,402)

The whole thing was worth it for the Shafrazi booth. As tasteful as getting dick-slapped by Kenny Scharff, I tells ya.

katiechasm (#163)

Some of the Zsolt Bodoni paintings are of photographs I've seen before but can't remember where. This is going to bother me foreverrrr.

From photographs. Fixed.

katiechasm (#163)

And Thomas Müller is great at sports.

Golden Boot!

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