Monday, December 6th, 2010

Little Silver, "Where We Met"

I grew up in a town called Little Silver, New Jersey. In the same town, a year behind me in school, was a girl named Erika Simonian. We were friends in high school, sharing a fondness for dirty jokes, and sitting next to each other in Mr. Woodward's physics class. She became a musician as an adult, and married a guy named Steve, and they've started a band together and named it Little Silver. (Which is a better name for a band, I think, than a town.) They've just released their first record, an EP called The Stolen Souvenir, and made the video above, which features the rides on the Coney Island boardwalk, laughing gulls at the beach, and guitars that look almost as pretty as they sound.

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hockeymom (#143)

That video….and the editing….kind of beautiful.

Slava (#216)

The only thing I don't like is when guys play guitar and they close their eyes and cock their head back, like they're feeeeeeeeeeling it!!! Like, are you for real?
But that's just my personal issue.

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

That is not just your personal issue. I've also got that issue, filed right next to "hey ladies I'm playing acoustic on the grass" and "this is a song about jesus so I'm going to reach upward because that's where jesus is." But compared to those others, it is pretty minor, and I like the song. I decided I didn't mind him hamming it up a little in the video.

I'd cry cronyism, but I was lulled into serene pleasantness instead.

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