Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

I Just Deposited a Check in My Bank Using My Phone???

SERIOUSLY I just DEPOSITED A CHECK INSIDE MY BANK WHILE BEING INSIDE MY OWN HOME, by taking "pictures" of the "check" with my "smart phone" and then suddenly the "money" is "in" the BANK. (Well okay it is "pending," and if they "accept" it then I just get to "destroy" (their word!) the check? (I love to imagine how many lawyers worked on choosing "destroy" so that it would limit liability; "destroy" is so total but note that it does not specify a manner of destruction.)) So now I will never leave the house again, until my next "smart phone" breaks and I have to go buy a new one.

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saythatscool (#101)

Sadly, my sperm bank keeps blocking the dick pics I sext to them daily. Spirit of Christmas, my ass.

Brett Farve's lawyers are making this exact case to Roger Goodell as we speak.

deepomega (#1,720)

I can only assume that Spirit of Christmas is your pet name for your junk.

saythatscool (#101)

If only I could get TSOC in my ass. I'd never leave the house again!

petejayhawk (#1,249)

Isn't that what Craigslist is for?

Jeff Barea (#4,298)


IBentMyWookie (#133)

Hmm. I'm discombobulated as well, but mostly because it appears that quotation marks have usurped your previously-beloved exclamation marks. I HATE CHANGE.

boyofdestiny (#1,243)

Never have to leave the house? So you've adopted Balk's emergency cigarette method?

barnhouse (#1,326)

Wow. On the other hand, why were we so convinced that the "money" was "in" the bank when you put a piece of paper in the machine at the bank? Or when we gave a piece of paper to the teller at the bank? Cowry shells–?!–whose idea was that?

KarenUhOh (#19)

Your battery took a 32% cut.

Murgatroid (#2,904)

You meant 22%, right?

KarenUhOh (#19)

I'm on the Dewey Decimal System over here.

Once accepted, I recommend you "incinerate" the check.

mathnet (#27)

Wait, so. Wait, you never actually give them the check? What do you do with the check? HOW EXCITING!

petejayhawk (#1,249)


I am become Death, destroyer of checks.

cherrispryte (#444)

As long as your bank/phone isn't telling you to EXTERMINATE anything, I think you're good.

DoctorDisaster (#1,970)

Dear bank,
Love the new ATMs, but what is the toilet plunger thing for?

Jeff Barea (#4,298)

I can make you rich off this…no fingerprints…just fun times on a sandy beach…

Forget about the rest of these losers – especially that bald guy with the HUMONGOUS head. In the business they call it "acceptable losses" kind of like "collateral damage." Other people pay for it babelicious.

Aatom (#74)

And yet, somehow, most freelancers will still never get paid.

Miles Klee (#3,657)


La Cieca (#1,110)

You realize what this means, Choire: if ever you quit smoking, you will have NO REASON WHATSOVER to leave your apartment.

egad (#1,355)

This sounds, er, convenient. No… wait, what, I'm sorry? Cheques?! Who the hell uses cheques? I've never owned a chequebook and have recieved cheques only from my grandparents, at christmas. That is how old fashioned they are. Truly, why are the banks trying to modernise something so antiquated?

joshc (#442)

This could be revolutionary enough to go through the hassle of switching from one inoffensive bank to another.

mattymatt (#495)

Sadly, it doesn't work if you take a picture of one of those Yapese stone money things.

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