Thursday, November 4th, 2010

NASA Scientists Practically Begging Congress To Cut Their Funding

"Scientists often think of celestial bodies as roundish, and this obviously is not—it's peanut-like. Mother Nature has once again pulled the rug out from under scientific ideas."
Dr. Don Yoemans, who manages Nasa's Near-Earth Object program, gets an early start on kowtowing to anti-science forces in the new Republican dominated congress, while discussing the very cool photos the Deep Impact probe has just sent back from it's close pass by Comet Hartley 2 "We scientists are stupid," he might as well say, "the government should definitely not give us any money or let us experiment on stem cells or listen to anything we say about global warming or anything." Certainly, God knew the correct shape of the comet without sending a spaceship named after an Elijah Wood movie 23 million miles away from the earth to take pictures of it.

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What if the "comet" is God?

BadUncle (#153)

I dunno. Looks like an improperly chopped rail of blow to me.

But funding NASA is a great way to distract from that war you're planning! Also, if you blow all your science cash on a Mars mission, you won't have any left over for the abortionists & enviroterrorists. NASA has a lot of angles to play here, I think.

bureaucrette (#367)

Yeah — NASA is basically an R&D arm of the military-industrial complex, so I think they'll emerge un-shellacked.

Scum (#1,847)

Nasa's rocket technology is absolutely pathetic and they should be threatened with abolishment less they sort it out. I have no idea how actually feasible it is but I always thought laser sailing sounded really cool. Try that, nasa.

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