Monday, November 8th, 2010

Here Comes the Green Salad

Amy Jean Porter is a cooking expert. Also you can even own her new print!

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Abe Sauer (#148)

Poor little baby marshmallows, locked in a delicious suspended state.

badthings (#1,903)

Nothing says microwave magic like the Vermeer milkmaid! This is blowing my mind.

petejayhawk (#1,249)

Oh my god, I need some of these horrid mid-century American recipes, immediately. MUST HAVE.

Andrew Piccone (#7,185)

Shrimp in Jello? Now I've seen everything!

Bittersweet (#765)

Yeah, that looks as nasty as the great aunt's recipe looks delish. I might try to make that in a few weeks.

(Lovely as always, Amy!)

laurel (#4,035)

I do not believe that shrimp and that Jello were ever in the same room at the same time. Lies!

Dave Bry (#422)

As much as I love these drawings, and all the drawings from the "Drawings in a Hurry" series, that photograph of the "Sea Dream" and "Vegetable Trio" is pretty much all ever I want to look at for the rest of my entire life.

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