Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

George W. Bush Is Content

Remember this guy? According to Matt Lauer, he "seems to be completely at peace with his surroundings." Isn't that great? Aren't you totally comforted by the fact that the dude is fully Zen? Doesn't it cheer you to know that the fella who set the bag ablaze can live life with an overwhelming sense of rectitude and equanimity? Seriously, this is good news for all of us: George W. Bush is showing America that no matter how badly you fuck things up, there's still a chance for personal redemption. I mean, that's what I'm taking away from it.

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Belmondo (#6,210)

Sorry, Balk, this isn't making me feel any better. Got anything along the lines of Carlin's "Why I Don't Vote" rant? That was the only think that cheered me up today.

timeoutofmind (#1,368)

i'd be content too, if i knew that i should actually be dangling from a knotted rope on the outskirts of the Hague.

wandering around in the same oblivious state of delusion that he spent 2000-2008 is probably a good place vs war criminal hell … passing the time playing gin rummy with Hitler et al and golfing once a week at Fire Lake. no wonder he's happy.

hman (#53)

This dark, windowless setting was the closest thing to an interrogation room he'll see.

flossy (#1,402)

You say "personal redemption," I say "blissful ignorance"… Let's call the whole thing off (seriously).

Jim Behrle (#3,292)

Go Rangers!

riggssm (#760)

The smirk and the blank eyes. His declaration (again?) that he doesn't care what anyone thinks. The odd way he tilts his head to the side, as if it's a balloon full of air wanting to drift to the floor.

I didn't think it was possible for my head to explode so many times in a 12 hour period. Maybe I need to lay off politics for a few days.

Jeff Barea (#4,298)

oh come on, it's not like your brother was dragged from his house and tortured.

Oh, and can you finally forgive Pamela "Chestnuts" for dumping you just before the big dance for Jimmy "five hands" Robertson already?

Look. It's easy to personalize and internalize when you have the least invested. The world is not going to end in a blaze of hazy burning smoke filled lava (at least not before you get hit by a car or clutch your chest at 95 and keel over).

Place has been around long before us and will be around long after us. And in the end do you really sit staring at your 75" tv worrying that some greaseball will be pawing at it watching pron 10 years after you're dead?

I can't stop some of the things I wish I could have stopped. Neda. In the end, while you are breathing still the future is all you can look forward to changing. Sucks. But tell that to the gas clerk who cheated you out of a dollar in change and then threatened to call 911 while all the people in line behind you only care that you're fucking holding up the line.

riggssm (#760)

Please construct more imaginary stories about me in your fantasy world where I date females, have a 75" television, and purchase gasoline.

Jeff Barea (#4,298)

Ok. 3rd floor walkup. Bedrooms the size of closets in my part of the country. Roaches galore because the landlord lets a hotdog vendor store his crap in the basement. You're just as likely to walk out some dark morning on your way to work and get smashed in the head by a homeless guy with a hammer as you are to be smiling and whistling looking forward to a great day at the job you love with the people you universally get along with.

I was going to say "Or you live off your parents and student loans" but at 760 there are two choices.

At the end of your career, though you deny it – but being 50ish can't be fun while all the bright shiny, and very cheap pay wise, faces crowd around you looking forward to the exciting future you only see as 20 more years of health problems declining to death..

Rich fucker whose well paid to do nothing more than write or show up on tv. Bitter that only 4.5 million people at most care what you fucking say about anything – and relax at the end of the day reading what the 22.3 people you consider smart and who consider each other smart say about what you all wrote to each other, with the nagging reminder that 5 billion people on this planet have no idea who the fuck you are, but the tchotchkes and memoriabilia that you have accumulated (which will end up in the garbage dump within days of your stroke) makes you feel like you are someone.

Alternatively, and this is just my fantasy, you are a cranky freshman with a solid rock hard ass who dreams of hate fucking a god.

Jeff Barea (#4,298)

Also, you're either an Uncle Tom or should never ever ever ever try to sound like a black man again.

riggssm (#760)

Either the my post with links was not approved or I'm on probation, but seriously Jeff Barea, the comments I referenced when you called me a racist? They were Game's actual twitter feed from 10/27.

But please, continue with your fantasy story.

Jeff Barea (#4,298)

I'm a writer. You just called yourself a racist. I never used that word. But. As. A. Writer. I. Can. Reference. It. Forever.

You do not define yourself. Everyone talks about usenet and forgets the real organizing happened on EFnet and UnderNet. Still waiting to unleash my Eggdrop Bitchbots on this here Internet when the time is right.

I don't think you understand fantasy or you would realize that the reality you have crafted for yourself from the minute you look in the mirror in the morning to the sigh you give as you leave your day job in the afterzombienoon is fantasy. That you created.

Only reason you didn't try to take apart my comment. Guess I got closer to you than you expected.

He really doesn't give a shit.

Jeff Barea (#4,298)


Jeff Barea (#4,298)

It's very easy to bitch at a cocktail party, but few ever actually do anything more than that. I have to sneeze for a second *Darfur* Why thank you for saying God Bless You. Can I have the dead back now?

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