Monday, October 25th, 2010

Mashups: The Other Time that Prince Met Kate Bush

Did you know you needed to hear a mashup of "Running Up That Hill" and "Sign o' the Times"? (Historians of the 80s will know, of course, that Kate Bush is Prince's "favorite woman," and will already have both their collaborations, "My Computer" and "Why Should I Love You?") (via, via)

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Bittersweet (#765)


"Running up That Hill" was the first Kate Bush song I ever heard (at 14) and while I liked the song, all the video pouting annoyed me. How I morphed from annoyance to unquestioning adulation of this woman would make a pretty boring blog entry.

phlox (#204)

I'm going to assume that this is the best thing I will see on the internets today and possibly tomorrow.

Craig Brownson (#4,257)

I love this because, well obviously. Also, My Computer! "I scan my computer looking 4 a site/Somebody 2 talk 2, funny and bright." I'm just scanning 4 somebody hot, but whatevs.

"Why Should I Love You" is one of those songs that never stops disappointing me. I keep trying to love it because, come on, it's Kate Bush and Prince, but no, it's bad. (The demo version before Prince got involved is pretty awesome though.)

Larry Burnett (#8,239)

WHY SHOULD I LOVE YOU is terrible!
This mash-up though is Brilliant!
Thanks for pointing this out.

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