Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Little Girl Likes Squeezing Her Father's Balls

Balls for Palin"My daughter had no idea what they were, she just knew it was a toy she liked. They're fuzzy, supersoft, and have that squishy Beanie Baby feel, so they're fun to play with."
-Toymaker Emil Vicale discusses his newest product, "a pink, plushy pair of 'cojones' topped with coarse black hair," that Vicale was inspired to create after hearing Sarah Palin questioning President Obama's "cojones." This article is a festival of testicle-related punnery, but I'll pull out two more for ya: "I almost died when I heard Palin say that. After that, I knew I had to give Palin the cojones she wanted." AND. "I can just see it now, [Palin] unwrapping the package and her husband going crazy." Yep.

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HiredGoons (#603)

Plushies worldwide delight at this development.

pufflehuff (#1,850)

His daughter's generation of men will thank Vicale effusively, perhaps even with plushie monuments, if they ever escape the sex haze.

garge (#736)

The design seems a bit .. confused, no?

C_Webb (#855)


City_Dater (#2,500)

It speaks in Sarah Palin's voice when squeezed.

Which seems like something Todd Palin's testicles might, in fact, also do.

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